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Thursday, 13 May 2021

If you don’t have money, you have to eat these 5 to get rid of this epidemic – our health

Most of us have to prepare our body’s immune system to fight off the corona virus. And even the immune system in our body may not be strong enough to get out of such a pandemic. Let’s learn about good nutritious foods at very low cost to thrive on it. But the bacteria and viruses around us were also present in our body a few billion years ago like we are facing now.

However, some of the bacteria that are beneficial to human life, human life can be called into question. These bacteria live with humans for as long as they live. Maybe even later. Let us now learn about five types of foods that strengthen the same immune system in the human immune system that protects against the corona virus from such a virus i.e. harmful bacteria.

These foods are said to be available anywhere but now but at affordable prices for everyone. The same can be said of nutrition that everyone can consume at a very low cost without a big expense. What are the nutrients we get from food intake. Let us now know the benefits of them. The first thing to take is that we all know that lemons are high in vitamin C. How it kills bacteria. How to prevent the virus. How to prevent it is a doubt for everyone.

This lemon works very well for our digestive system. It stimulates immunity. Lemon should be used frequently to improve immunity. The citrus in it kills the bacteria. Protects against essential bacteria. Lemon juice taken frequently with a little salt can protect against bacteria and viruses. Sugar consumption should be reduced. Sports participants can add salt to lemon juice to regain lost sodium and gain instant energy.

The next food is lettuce. Asparagus milk curry that is available to everyone. Lettuce is an alkaloid food. Lettuce strengthens the immune system as soon as it is taken. Be sure to take spinach two or three days a week. It is advisable to take greens 2 times a week with or without exposure to the virus. It can also be taken in many dishes or as a juice. Lettuce is high in iron and fiber.

The third ingredient is garlic, which is available to everyone. Take two cloves daily. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. It can be eaten raw or in a paste in hot rice. Ingredients Almonds One to three almonds are soaked in water at night, peeled and eaten three in the morning and three in the evening to increase immunity. Even giving it to children can help boost their immunity.

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