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Monday, 10 May 2021

If you do this, in 3 days the lips will turn black and turn 100% pink Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Some people find it embarrassing because their lips are black. In some people, the lips turn black due to climate change or illness in the body. Little by little, the lips turn black if proper care is not taken. There are some important reasons why lips can turn black. They can also cause dark circles on the lips due to improper drinking of water, allergies, smoking and use of chief cosmetics.

Some people use a variety of chemical products to keep their lips smooth and red. This can cause colored lips and side effects. Some people undergo treatment to change lip color. Apart from all these, if you want your lips to be red naturally, the blackness on your lips will be removed and the lips will become soft and light. Some people have hereditary black lips. Lips will get better color if they use it like that.

Let’s see how to turn your lips red with Ayurvedic tips. Let’s see what you need for a lip balm to turn lips red. For this use lemon, rosewater, beetroot, and olive oil. Lemon removes dark spots and blackheads on the lips. Because lemon has natural cleansing properties. Rosewater has some medical properties. Aventante Cooling, Moisturizing, and Soothing. This causes a glow on the lips.

The dead cells on the lips are removed. Also olive oil moisturizes and brightens your lips. Rich in amino acids and nutrients. Also beetroot naturally makes your lips red. It has bleaching properties and lightening properties for dark lips. For this, mix the beetroot and strain the juice. Add five spoons of beetroot juice, two spoons of olive oil and two spoons of rose water. Squeeze a spoonful of lemon juice in it. Mix them well and store in any glass bottle or glass bowl.

Apply to your lips daily before going to bed at night. You will see a good result from the first time it is used. Your lips will become soft and smooth. It is made naturally so there are no side effects. Honey, castor oil and almond oil should be taken. Add two tablespoons of castor oil, two tablespoons of almond oil and one tablespoon of honey and store well. These make the lips naturally fresh and soft red.

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