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Sunday, 2 May 2021

Follow these precautions before and after taking the vaccine – our health

With the second phase vaccine roll out in the country, people seemed very excited and eager to get vaccinated for COVID-19. According to one report, more than a million people have already been vaccinated and many are still registering their name.

However, while the country is recovering from the corona, the vaccine certainly comes with many challenges and side effects. To get out of the severity of the accident, you need to take some precautions before and after the COVID vaccine.

In India, COVID vaccines were launched to the general public on January 16, 2021.

On March 1, 2021, the second phase of Vaccine Drive opened conditionally for those over 60 and over 45. Although senior citizens are declared eligible for vaccination without any exceptions, those over the age of 45 should be vaccinated according to pre-existing conditions. Everyone over the age of eighteen should be vaccinated from today.

Consult your doctor

There are no risks if you are vaccinated if you are old and healthy. However, if you are over 45 years of age and have pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney disease, is it safe to consult your doctor? It is important to ask them if they are. . According to the Indian Ministry of Health, people with hemophilia should be vaccinated “under the supervision of their family physician”.

Before getting vaccinated, get clearance for the medications you are taking

In addition to consulting your doctor, you will need to get a doctor’s permission for certain medications that may develop an allergic reaction. The Ministry of Health has advised patients suffering from immediate or delayed anaphylaxis or allergic reaction not to take pharmaceutical products, foods, injection treatments, vaccines.

Eat a healthy diet before getting vaccinated

Doctors say that it is very important to eat a healthy diet before getting a COVID shot. Pain killers should not be used.

People on blood plasma or monoclonal antibodies should not be vaccinated

Individuals infected with the virus or receiving corona receiving COVID in the form of blood plasma therapy or monoclonal antibodies should not be vaccinated until a doctor’s approval.

If you have any discomfort or allergy along with pain, itching, fever or fatigue, do not panic, rest. These are just some of the ways in which your body’s immune system responds to the vaccine.

You still have to wear masks and adhere to social distance. The vaccine only increases the body’s ability to fight corona. It did not stop.

After you are vaccinated, you should continue to wear your masks at all times. Adhere to social distance and adopt hygienic practices. Wash your hands and sanitize frequently touched surfaces.

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