Drinking half a glass increases immunity 100% from young children to adults. It is true – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Drinking half a glass increases immunity 100% from young children to adults. It is true – our health

Today let’s learn about a drink that boosts the immune system in the body. In conditions where this corona is severe the body needs to have a strong immune system. Making and drinking e-drink boosts the body’s immune system. These are the materials available to us to make. If not a 10 minute allotment is sufficient. Immunity in the body means that there are many types of problems. To prevent those problems, we must increase the immunity of our body. Let’s see how to make it.

First light the stove and put the bowl and put three pieces of thyme stem in it. Thippathiga is in the form of betel. Tippatiga leaves have many medicinal properties. Helps to boost the immune system in the body very well. Protects against infections. The abundance of symptoms destroys the germs that reach the body. Thippathiga has many health benefits.

Ginger should be crushed into small pieces. Ginger has many medicinal properties. It is rich in minerals like Vitamin-E and Magnesium. It has anti-bacterial properties.

Ginger is a must in the kitchen. Then add a teaspoon of anise. Anise strengthens digestion. Anise contains about 20% of the vitamin C our body needs. Some people chew after lunch. Most people are not aware that immunosuppressive properties are common. Boil the leaves, stems, anise and ginger juice for five to seven minutes to reach the water. Put in the sim and boil. This drink helps to reduce diseases in the body. Thippathiga is located in the areas around us. But we use it without knowing that it is a catapult. Ayurvedic medicine is mostly available in shops if you want Thippathiga.

Many Ayurvedic medicines are used in the preparation. There are many types of plants and we can benefit from knowing them. Natural ingredients should be used in the current situation. Then add a piece of jaggery. It is better to use jaggery or gingerbread. Selenium, zinc is involved in the body as well as promotes the growth of immunity in the body. Then strain it into a glass and drink a glass every day is enough.

All ingredients are rich in immune-boosting properties. Has the power to cure diseases. This drink can be drunk by children to adults. All the toxins in the body are excreted. Infections are greatly reduced. If you also make and drink it, it will increase the immunity in the body. Thippathiga can be dried or made available online when we have more of it. It can also be used. It can be prepared and drunk every day to boost the body’s immune system.

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