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Monday, 17 May 2021

Doing this once a week is like steel immunity – our health

When it comes to ideas for living a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and adequate exercise are often the main pillars. If this is absolutely true, you can get food and a healthy lifestyle.

Fasting means abstaining from food one day a week or month. Although sometimes reserved for unhealthy, lost or religious reasons, short-term fasting offers excellent health benefits. As research in the field of health in this regard grows, fasting is becoming more and more widely accepted as a good way to maintain weight and prevent disease. At the same time, it is important to do fasting in the right and healthy ways.

The Science of Fasting

, Fasting cleanses our body of toxins and strengthens the cells from digestion, which are not normally stimulated when food is always present.

When we are fasting, the body does not produce glucose and the cells have to resort to other means and substances to produce energy. As a result, the body initiates gluconeogenesis, a natural process that produces its own sugar. The liver helps by converting non-carbohydrate substances such as lactate, amino acids and fats into glucose energy. As our bodies save energy during fasting, our basal metabolic rate becomes more efficient, thereby lowering our heart rate and blood pressure.

Ketosis, another process that then occurs in a rapid cycle, occurs when the body burns stored fat as its primary source of energy. It is an ideal mode to lose weight and balance blood sugar levels.

Fasting puts mild stress on the body, thereby increasing our cells’ ability to cope with them. In other words, they become stronger. This process is what happens when our muscles and cardiovascular system are stressed while exercising. As with exercise, our body grows stronger during these processes only when there is adequate time to rest and recover. That is why short-term fasting is recommended.

Health benefits of fasting

Although fasting can sometimes be uncomfortable, the mental and physical benefits are:

Protects against obesity and related chronic diseases, reduces inflammation, improves overall fitness, supports weight loss, reduces the risk of metabolic diseases. Fasting during chemotherapy boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer cells.

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