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Monday, 24 May 2021

Do not neglect the original if these two corona features appear !! – Our health

Is it a corona symptom for people who have any minor aches and pains right now ?? Are afraid of that. Everything is confused in difficult situations where one out of every two knows the positive. Although some of the symptoms of coronavirus are mild and can be treated at home, they can cause some fatal consequences. These are dangerous corona symptoms that need immediate medical attention.

Difficulty in breathing

The best measure of whether the Kovid symptoms are declining is shortness of breath and regular daily activities, such as washing, dressing, cooking, and climbing stairs. Excessive fatigue, tiredness, premature sweating, headache, dry mouth, dry nose, etc. are all signs that our respiratory system is not working properly. Breathing improperly or oxygen level falling is a very dangerous symptom in corona sufferers. It is best to consult a doctor immediately if you feel any obstruction in breathing. Borla lying down, Ashtanga Capricorn asana and pranayama are also very helpful in getting adequate oxygen levels if it is found that the corona is not.

Dizziness or sudden unconsciousness:

If one feels dizzy or unconscious due to the underlying symptoms of corona, it is as if one is in a dangerous situation. It is a very dangerous condition if the eyes are closed due to improper breathing, severe inflammation in the lungs and drowsiness. There is no home remedy for this. The sooner you consult a doctor the better.

The above two symptoms are fatal and a doctor must be consulted

– Fever

– Dry cough

– Sore throat

– Cold, sneezing

– Fatigue

– Loss of smell and taste etc.

Finally 3.

With proper care at home for the common symptoms mentioned above, the corona will go the way it came without any problem if prescribed by a doctor. But the sooner you consult a doctor without neglecting the symptoms, the better.

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