Do not eat these 3 ingredients even by mistake after eating mango fruit Shock if you know what is going on in your body – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Do not eat these 3 ingredients even by mistake after eating mango fruit Shock if you know what is going on in your body – our health

Summer is here and everyone is annoyed. However, this season also has a uniqueness. Many are looking forward to this summer. The reason for that is mango. All the mangoes with good taste as well as visually appealing form pulled towards him. Such mango should not be taken in combination with all ingredients. Doing so can sometimes be life threatening. Let’s get to know Avento now.

Mango fruit juice is sweet and very tasty. It is no exaggeration to say that there are those who look forward to these in the summer. This is why they are called the King of Fruits. That is the king of fruits. At one time, even diabetic patients could not eat them. Mangoes are so rich in many nutrients and minerals. Mango fruit is also high in vitamin C. It boosts the immunity in our body. It protects our body from many diseases. Mango fruit lowers cholesterol and increases fertility. Fruits that are so tasty should be taken in moderation. Do you know of any ingredients that should not be taken with these?

The first of these is kakarakaya. People with diabetes also drink corn juice. Bitter gourd has many health benefits. Eating kakarakaya immediately after eating mango can make you vomit. Respiratory problems, especially shortness of breath, can cause nausea. Under no circumstances should mango be eaten while eating corn or drinking corn juice. Also another ingredient that should not be taken while eating mango is chillies. Normally though eating greens is very good for our health.

Because it is rich in vitamin C. As well as vitamin A. It is very good for the eyes. Some people eat spicy food when cooked or even in yogurt rice. There is no harm in eating like that. But when eaten in combination with mangoes, mangoes are both contradictory foods due to their sweetness and green chillies. This can lead to acidity in the stomach. For some people, eating mangoes can cause throat problems.

The reason for this is to drink water immediately after eating mango fruit. Do not drink cold water or fridge water. Do not drink water immediately after eating mango fruit. It causes irritation in the throat. Eating mangoes can cause small sores on the lips at one time or another. This can be caused by cashew nuts, which can cause itching and swelling. People suffering from arthritis and joint pains should not eat too much mango fruit. People with diabetes should also not overeat. This is because it releases high levels of insulin which also raises the blood sugar level in the body

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