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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Corona vaccinators do not make these mistakes at all – our health

Many people are being vaccinated against the corona epidemic in this current pandemic. No precautions are required after taking. Then you will understand each thing in detail. Usually when there is any pain, they ask for the name of a pain killer or wear what they say. Doctors say that if pain killers are used too much they are our milk curse. It is said to destroy the kidneys.

Some people have kidney damage and some are undergoing dialysis while others are undergoing kidney transplant. Most importantly if you have sugar and BP so for those with sugar the urine fetuses are a little embarrassing. What do you think the vaccine has to do with such painkiller and painkiller injections? The vaccine is distorted by taking painkillers while vaccinated.

That is why no painkillers should be taken until the week after vaccination. Paracetamol and Dolo 650 can be taken in case of fever. In the past, pain killers were used for arthritis, joint pain, neck pain and disc problems. Be sure to use creams such as Move and Volini instead of Pain Killer or hot water repellent painkillers. It is best to take a break from oral medications. It is also not advisable to take a pain killer injection.

If the vaccine is taken while taking the medication, the BP will drop, fatigue and pulse will increase. Falling oxygen levels can also occur. If that happens by mistake, seek medical help immediately. Paracetamol also contains some pain killer compounds. That is why such tablets should not be taken. The same should not be continued if worn once by mistake. The government has decided to vaccinate everyone over the age of 18 from May 1. One crore to two crore vaccines will be given daily in the coming days. That is why it is very important to know the information beforehand. Tell your people and those around you the information you know.

Alcohol should not be consumed after you have been vaccinated. Alcohol should not be smoked. Those who are addicted don’t mind small amounts. There is a risk of heart attack and stroke. At least they should be away for days a week. Doctors say there is also no objection to engaging in sex. Not everyone is at risk from being vaccinated. Some have headaches, mild fever, and hand pain. They are also reduced by taking paracetamol and dolo. Corona can be infected if they are not vaccinated for fear of them. The vaccine begins to work a few weeks after vaccination. The vaccine can only be used to boost immunity. It does not fight the corona directly. So the use of social distance, mask, sanitizer is mandatory.

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