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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Corona stopped. Black fungus started. How it infects – our health

The Karuna pandemic is booming day by day in the country. However, this black fungus makes them sleepless without even the joy of having conquered the Karona pandemic. The fungus is particularly prevalent in patients recovering from coronavirus in Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat. Some people have already been hospitalized in Telangana due to the virus. Losing eyesight due to this fungus. How to be careful from this fungus. How to protect yourself from black fungus. Let us now learn about this subject.

We all know how many people are already suffering from corona. Many who have recovered from coronavirus now suffer from black fungus infection. This virus is also very dangerous. The virus is not transmitted from one person to another by detecting the symptoms of the fungus and treating it in a timely manner. The corona virus is easily transmitted from one person to another. But black fungus does not spread from one person to another so quickly. Infects quickly only in patients who have recovered from coronavirus. Black fungus attacks people with reduced immunity due to corona. It has become dangerous in diabetic patients recovering from coronavirus.

This is because there are two types of immunity in our body. Antibodies are ready to fight off any virus that enters our body. Another type is the growth of amoebae in our body. These are called white blood cells. They eat the virus that infects our body and destroy them. This is called autoimmunity. It can be dangerous in diabetic patients whose sugar levels are out of control. This cell immunity power is very low in diabetic patients. Immunity in these cells decreases as these cell immunity cells carry black fungus seeds through the nose, from there into the skin, and then into other parts of the body.

Doctors say that taking steroids can also cause this black fungus. Black fungus is said to be caused by a decrease in immunity. Anyone who does not take steroids should seek immediate medical attention if symptoms of black fungus appear as soon as the corona is reduced. It is possible to get infected with this fungus even after a month or so. Symptoms of this fungus include severe headache, eye pain, jaw bone pain, blurred vision, watery eyes, and loss of vision. Black fungal discharge from the nose is also a symptom of black fungus in some people. Black fungus affects the eye while corona affects the lungs.

There is a particular risk of losing sight. The virus is so effective that it penetrates the skin and clogs blood vessels. This can lead to organ death. The virus grows well in the dead area and eats the organ. This makes it easier to lose survivors. Medication should be started with the advice of a doctor as soon as its symptoms appear. Early treatment can save lives. That is why people with coronavirus should take more foods that increase immunity. Eat more whole grains, chicken, eggs and greens. Immunity should be raised without any anxiety in advance. The use of a mask is mandatory. This can prevent the virus from entering the nose.

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