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Saturday, 22 May 2021

Check mate for black fungus and virus with anise .. – Our health

Anise is commonly used as a spice, mostly seasoned for curries or as a mouth freshener, and anise can also work wonders in boosting the immune system.

Colds and coughs are the most common diseases in the world. Clogged nose can cause sore throat, shortness of breath and persistent illness. Seasonal change, or our bodies are prone to bacterial infections all around. In winter, our immune system is weakened, so experts and nutritionists always tell us the importance of a healthy diet.

It is essential to include more seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. According to our Ayurvedic medicine there are plenty of herbs and spices in the home kitchen to treat seasonal ailments like colds and coughs. You can include these in your diet, for example anise or sanf.

Why include fennel in the diet

Fennel seeds are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C has strong immune-boosting properties. Being a strong antioxidant, it also helps to inhibit free radical action, which can lead to various diseases. Anise contains a blend of antioxidants, antimicrobial components and anti-inflammatory volatile oils that help reduce the risk of colds, coughs and flu and provide instant relief. It helps prevent many seasonal infections in the early stages and keeps your body warm from the inside out.

How to use fennel to boost immunity

You can chew some anise seeds or soak the anise seeds in your water and leave it overnight. Chew these nuts well the next day. Another effective way to take anise is to have a cup of hot fennel tea. Do not boil fennel seeds because it will cost you the nutrients you need. Take some dried fennel seeds and pour them in boiling water. Cover the lid of the container and let rest for 10 minutes. Take this drink hot in the morning. It naturally works wonderfully in boosting immunity

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