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Thursday, 20 May 2021

Chaddannam is the panacea for the fight against Kona – our health

Adults say that sandalwood boosts the immune system. The same is true of the American Association. There is a saying that the word of the elders is to cover the sandals. We could never understand those words. We all know that most doctors tell you to take multivitamin tablets to lose covid. Doctors say that most of these vitamins are found in sandalwood.

For most people who come to Corona, the body becomes very lethargic. People who take sandalwood regularly are rich in this vitamin B12 and are prone to fatigue. Iron and zinc are essential for strengthening our immune system. That vitamin is available in plenty in fermented sandalwood. Nutritionists say fermented rice is 21 percent higher in iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium than regular rice.

Fermented sandalwood boosts the immune system and protects against the corona virus. Eating sandalwood in summer can help you avoid sunburn. Sandalwood removes harmful chemicals released during digestion. Doctors say it also protects against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness. Sandalwood works very well for people with stomach ulcers. Reduces anemia and strengthens teeth and bones. We set aside sandalwood, which has so many benefits, as food for the village and the poor.

We listen in amazement to what our elders say and what other Gentiles say. We recognize the value of our food. The value of sandalwood in our country has increased after the recognition of the American Association. That’s why we are also seeing sandalwood in the big hotels menu.

Let’s take a look at how sandalwood is made. Pour the porridge and water over the rest of the rice overnight and keep it till the end. This method is still practiced in the village.

Another method is to put the rest of the rice in a pot overnight and ferment it with lemon or dabba leaves. Doing so makes it sour better. In the morning, add buttermilk, salt, green chillies and onion nanjukuni. Doing so will not only improve health but also enjoy good taste. Chaddannam is eaten not only in our Telugu state but all over the country. Called by different names there. Take this food regularly to boost immunity.

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