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Sunday, 30 May 2021

Another threat of drowning || Do you know what is going to happen in the coming days – our health

India is still suffering from the second wave. Now what the doctors are saying is even more confusing. The same co * wid-19 thirdwave. Health experts say it is becoming more widespread and fatal than ever before.

The third wave also warned of ‘inevitability’ in the country.

K government’s chief scientific adviser. Vijayaraghavan more transition cendutunnanduna virus Wednesday, also warned that it will need to be prepared for new waves.

The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the Center to start preparations for the third wave of Co * Wid-19 and to resume measures for oxygen distribution across the country.

Most importantly, as health care and infrastructure are on the verge of collapse, each of us must take responsibility and try to follow safety protocols and guidelines. To whom they will have to see a more severe impact in the coming days if they do not take care.

Here are the top 10 points about the various waves of the virus epidemic in the coming days-

1) Doctors have also warned about the third wave in the country so Corona rules must be followed.

2) Due to the high level of transmitted virus, stage 3 is inevitable. We need to be mentally prepared for the new waves because of the growing virus, ”the doctors said.

3) It is not clear at what level this third stage will come at any given time.

4) Enhance the first wave of immunity due to the vaccine with good diet and exercise habits.

5) Infections and vaccines are likely to cause ‘positive stress’ on the SARS CoV-2 virus, triggering new types of changes.

Preventive Symptomstrament

6) Anxiety increases virus development and induces spread by the human population so precautions are mandatory even if everything we can do to prevent the spread of the virus is very complex.

7) The third chance cannot be stopped as long as human carriers are available for infection and the only way to reduce this vulnerability is through safe methods and vaccination.

8) Now is the best time to change stubborn behavior, experts stressed the need for Ko * wid to adopt appropriate behavior.

9) “The virus can only go from human to human,” Vijay Raghavan Co * Wid-19 stressed on following appropriate behavior as there is no scientific evidence that it is transmitted by air. Masks and distance are complex and provide the most effective protection.

10) Personal precautions Wearing masks, social distance and frequent hand hygiene, vaccination and tracking and control are the four pillars that stop the virus transmission chain.

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