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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Secrets unknown to anyone at Apple so far !! – Our health

Have you ever heard me say that the health of eating one apple a day is in your hands? All the well-known scholars say that even if it comes from the mouths of ignorant palmists, everyone knows how many benefits there are in eating an apple, and there is no need to see a doctor who eats an apple a day. We can be comfortable without any worries about the fear that diseases will come to us.

పి Apple contains Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. The B complex vitamins in it help in the development of red blood cells in the nervous system. Apple is high in fiber and does not cause any diseases. A medium size apple contains 95% of calories.

◆ Eating an apple half an hour before we eat is like having a full stomach and eating less than 200 calories.

Apple is also very good for heart health. According to a study by scientists, being high in fiber eliminates bad fats that form in the blood vessels. Eating an apple a day can help prevent heart attack.

Diabetes is a problem that plagues young and old these days. Decreased insulin percentage in the body can lead to diabetes.

Eating an apple does no harm to the beta cells in our body that produce insulin.

To keep bones strong. Apple is the best alternative to increase memory in children and adults. Daily consumption of apples can stave off dangerous Alzheimer’s disease. According to some studies, the antioxidants in apples kill cancer cells. Protect from death.

Apple also has the property of protecting against obesity. Reduces fat accumulated near the abdomen. Apples are high in fiber and produce good bacteria. Apple is also a great relief for those who have problems like constipation.

◆ The fiber pectin in it helps the digestive system to function properly. Eating junk food helps our body lose fat. Accumulated fat can lead to poor blood circulation or heart attack. But eating apples helps control the amount of fat in the blood in our body.

Finally 3.

Looking at all the benefits, isn’t it greedy to want to eat an apple a day and stay healthy?

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