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Friday, 16 April 2021

Not only this, with the help of leaf you can do wonders !! – Our health

Three berry, whole leaf. Keep everyone healthy. It is said that three kaya means something like munakkaya, and even the Chulk people love munakkaya. Very few people, however, know the significance of drowning. Do you believe that this leaf has the ability to stave off 300 diseases? Must believe.

Let’s find out more hidden in Munagaku. Once you see the miracles, you will be amazed. See for yourself if needed.

Munagaku contains vitamins A and C. None of the greens we buy for money contain these vitamins at drowning levels. In other words the source of drowning for phosphorus. It is rich in iron which is used for blood clotting.

This drone is used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines to cure over 300 diseases. Drones are rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals. We can get ten times more vitamin A from carrots by drowning. Munagaku is used in the preparation of medicines for eye diseases.

17 17% more calcium than milk comes from drones. Usually we get a lot of protein in yogurt, but if we take Munagaku, we will get more protein than yogurt.

◆ Women can reduce their blood sugar levels by 13.5 per cent if they take three pinches of dry powder daily in the morning regularly for 3 months. Drowning can be used as a natural medicine to regulate people with thyroid problems.

ఇందులో The chlorogenic acid in it helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Also, if children drink the juice of drones mixed with milk, their bones will become stronger. This tip gives excellent results especially in those whose bones are brittle.

◆ Pregnant women and postpartum women can get plenty of calcium, iron and vitamins they need if they are fed. In addition to mothers, breastfed babies are also healthier. For lactating mothers, the milk will increase if the drone is boiled.

వేసి Put guppedu drones in a glass of water, boil for five minutes and add enough salt, pepper and lemon juice. Doing so will reduce the risk of diseases such as asthma and cough.

తీసుకుని Take a teaspoon of drowning juice and mix it with a glass of coconut water and add a little honey to reduce diarrhea.

Applying Diamond paste on the face reduces pimples and brightens the face.


It is also a good remedy for menstrual problems in women. It also promotes hair growth by replenishing calcium. So not only the coyote but also the leaf gives the same results.

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