It is a queen-like leaf for children. How to forget it ?? – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Sunday, 11 April 2021

It is a queen-like leaf for children. How to forget it ?? – Our health

Gorintaku has a special place in our tradition. Gorintaku is a wonderful friend of girls. Symbol of the fifth. Can’t imagine a hand that is an auspicious sign for pleasures, weddings, festivals, functions, gorintha. Looking at the red ripe gourd in a variety of designs for the hands and feet

Gorintaku has many benefits and uses that make us so happy. Gorintaku does us no less good in our lives. Our ancestors were the ones who would improve our health with the simple ingredients we could find without the use of any drugs to preserve our health and longevity no matter what method or tradition was established by the elders.

ఉపయో Gorinta has a number of uses. Needless to say there is no elixir beyond this to protect the hair. Applying gourd paste to the scalp reduces the heat in the scalp.

కు To prevent white hair caused by a deficiency of melanin in our body, apply Gorinta to the scalp once a week to whiten white hair. The need to dye white hair black with insane colors goes wrong. Those dyes can cause the hair to fall out further. That’s why you don’t want to color henna kiss.

Applying Gorinta paste on the wounds will heal the wounds. Applying gourd paste on burnt spots will make the mat disappear. Some people have weak nails. Just break. White spots keep coming on the nails. Occasionally there is a rash caused by a deficiency of certain vitamins.

అద్భుతమైన Gorintaku is an excellent medicine for all such things. Repeatedly applying nails to the gourd will make them firmer.

Occasionally there is a burning sensation in the legs. Itching and cracking in the legs are also common in some seasons. In such a situation, gorintaku can be made into a soft paste and put there for better relief. Gorinta paste also works well for joint pains.

Gourd seeds also have many uses with bark. There are more benefits to using gum and then rubbing than using the current cone. So let’s use the auspicious gorintaku.

Finally… ..

What are the benefits of the widely available gourd? If you have not tried it yet, be sure to try to maintain your health.

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