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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

If you follow this 1 tip, your toe fractures will be eaten away forever … It’s true

Fractures are a big problem that seems small enough to bother us. At first it looks disgusting and spreads to the inside and the pain becomes severe. The severity of this problem increases during the winter. Dry air and lack of moisture can cause cracks in the feet. Malnutrition, over-standing on hard ground, diabetes, thyroid, lack of proper care can cause this problem. Some people get infections due to neglect of foot fractures and also find it difficult to walk. That is why you can reduce this problem by following the tips at home without neglecting it. See the link below for more information

For this you need to take the potato. Potatoes should be washed clean and grated juice. It acts as a natural bleaching agent. Reduces foot cracks. Wounds are available at home so be sure to try. Add lemon juice. Lemon softens rough skin. The acids in it remove dead cells and soften the feet and reduce cracks. Mix the paste in this. The paste should be anything white. Mix the paste well in this mixture. Add a pinch of salt. Salt removes dead cells and soil and softens them. Mix this mixture well and dip the lemon wood and gently massage it on the cracks. Doing this for five minutes every day will give you good results in just three days.

Add a teaspoon of fresh aloe vera juice, a teaspoon of coconut oil, mix well and put on socks. Doing so will reduce the problem of foot fractures. Also soak the feet in boiling water with lemon or salt for ten to twenty minutes for ten days. Later rubbing with pumice stone also removes dead cells. Also massage with lukewarm coconut oil or sesame oil before going to bed for relief. Also be careful not to get too much in the water.

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