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Monday, 19 April 2021

Easy Tips to Do Wonders on Wantint !! – Our health

No matter how much care we take while cooking, once in a while something will fall apart. Then the whole taste of that cooking is manipulated and it becomes very difficult to eat. However, there is no tension if you follow the small tips. Cooking can be an easy task. One hundred marks can be scored for our cooking.

◆ The mistake that many people make is to add too much salt to the food once in a while when they are thinking, angry or frustrated. Then add a little rice flour or a potato cut into four large pieces and put in the curry to absorb all the salt. The salt is just right.

Chapatis are soft only when they are hot and after a while they become like hard dough. This is the compliant that most people do. Sean keeps repeating even though some people bring quality wheat flour for softness. If you want the chapati to be soft, add a little milk while mixing the flour. Also press the chapati and add a little oil and fold it again.

టప్పుడు When cooking rice, add a little oil or a little lemon juice to make the rice dry. Pulihara pulav needs more dry rice which means add a teaspoon of butter while cooking the rice. Also those who suffer from indigestion problem will quickly get rid of any problem if they cook rice by frying rice.

◆ Ginger tea is a favorite of everyone, and it is enough to follow this little tip without crushing the ginger day. Can be washed.

◆ It is better if the silverware is shiny, they like to wear even if it is slightly black, so if you clean the silverware with toothpaste, it will shine like new.

వేసి Put the green chillies in a bottle and add a little salt and store. The color does not change and does not fade. The salt storage jar should not get wet which means add 4 dried chillies in the jar

రిగి Finely chop the used lemon trees, put them in a small glass of water and boil them well.

ఉండాలి When making dosas, the dosa should not stick to the pen.

The dosas are very soft if you soak some of the batter while grinding the dosas.

Add a small piece of coconut to the yoghurt so that the yoghurt does not ferment quickly

Will be fresh for a long time.

టప్పుడు When cooking tomato curry add a pinch of sugar in it. The curry tastes good. Even when cooking chili curry, it is very good to add a pinch of sugar in the curry.

Finally… ..

Very simple tips but let us make the day go smoothly with me. So follow through when needed.

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