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Sunday, 18 April 2021

Do you know why you use sunscreen lotion in summer? – Our health

Troubles are not uncommon when summer comes. When you go out, an umbrella, a scarf for women, hats for men, a helmet, and so on. That is why many people use sunscreen lotions. Others say it is not necessary at all. But look at the benefits of using sunscreen lotion in the summer.

మొదటి The first reason to use sunscreen lotion is to help protect you from skin cancer. , Helps protect skin from harmful rays that can cause cancer. Protecting the skin from melanoma, the most deadly source of skin cancer, is important.

Many people use sunscreen to protect their skin from problems such as sunburn and redness due to the intensity of the sun. Symptoms of heat exhaustion and sunstroke include nausea and muscle cramps that can cause brain damage. To prevent these, it is best to use sunscreen.

Many people think that people with darker skin do not need to use sunscreen. Skin can be damaged when the sun is high no matter what. Even more problematic is those with sensitive skin.

Sun exposure is one of the most common causes of premature aging, as sun exposure can cause skin discoloration, discoloration and wrinkles. To prevent these signs of aging and look more youthful, there is no need to use sunscreen lotion every day.

◆ Excessive sun exposure can cause skin problems such as brown spots and discoloration. Sunscreen lotion is a great medicine to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

◆ Children get some habit from adults. So children get used to using sunscreen lotion as adults too.

◆ Sunscreen lotion keeps skin soft, radiant and moisturized so that all problems caused by the sun can be checked in advance.


Some people think that wearing sunscreen is very embarrassing, but nowadays there are many types of sunscreen lotion products available so it is both easy to choose and use.

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