Closed blood vessels from head to toe open in 2 days. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Sunday, 4 April 2021

Closed blood vessels from head to toe open in 2 days. – Our health

Do you have any heart problems or are you afraid of having a heart attack? No heart problems in life if you follow the tip that will be told now. This tip is completely ayurvedic. It cleanses your blood vessels completely. If the water pump in the house is not working properly, we will call the plumber and fix it. Then the pressure comes again and the water comes out well. The same thing happens in our body. Just as pipes are needed to carry water, so are blood vessels needed to supply blood to the body.

Blood vessels work to carry blood throughout our body. Blood is supplied from the heart to our body just as water is supplied from a water tank at home. Contaminants from the food we eat reach the heart. These impurities in the blood accumulate in the blood vessels. Because of this they close our blood vessels a little bit. This will cause our heart to stop beating suddenly one day. Contaminants in the blood cause more than a hundred diseases in the body.

Blood circulation is not functioning properly. This prevents the rest of the organs from receiving blood properly. Oxygen impairs the proper functioning of the limbs. This causes the kidneys to not be able to filter the blood properly. If there is no blood circulation to the hair, the hair will fall out and break. Improper blood circulation to your eyes can put pressure on your eyes and reduce vision. The headache comes. Tired of not getting enough oxygen.

Can’t focus on the work being done. If the brain does not receive blood properly, it will not be able to concentrate on anything. Decreased memory. See how many problems a blood vessel problem can lead to. That is why you should pay attention to the blood vessels and clean them. Use this tip to prevent any illnesses by doing this. You need four ingredients to cleanse your blood and prevent blockages in the heart.

Aventante. Pumpkin, coriander, mint, basil. In Ayurveda, these four ingredients are considered to be wonderful medicines. For this you need to take a glass of pumpkin juice. Add ten bushels of coriander, ten bushels of mint, and ten basil leaves. Mix all this again finely. Basil is seen as equivalent to Amma in our country. However, the mother shows unselfish love for her children and basil also cures many diseases.

Also, eating four basil leaves on an empty stomach in the morning gives good energy to the body. And protects you from dangerous diseases like cancer. Drinking a glass of this juice regularly on a daily basis will reduce the blockages in the blood vessels. Diabetes is also under control. The problem of high blood pressure is reduced. Reduces the problem of hair fall. Eyesight improves. In addition, this drink lowers bad cholesterol and eliminates the problem of overweight.

Lifestyle changes, reducing food outside and consuming this juice regularly does not have to cost tens of thousands. Eat raw vegetables and fruits in the diet. Take lightly fried foods. Also fast one day a week. Doing so will keep the body healthy. One day fasting means utilizing the fat inside the body. Expels impurities and toxins. Take this juice regularly on a regular basis and you too will stay healthy.

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