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Friday, 16 April 2021

A panacea for back pain and arthritis, even for those who can’t walk – our health

For those who have difficulty walking, such as back pain, arthritis, joint pains, all kinds of arthritis, this home-made infusion is enough to drink a cup. Our body can be treated for everything from headaches to low back and foot pain, constipation and gas acidity. The cause is arthritis in our body. Rheumatism means gas.

Gas means gas. If this gas is not expelled the gas will reach every part of the body. Lubricants damage the center of the joints. It can cause arthritis, osteoarthritis, tachycardia, low back pain, back pain, and all kinds of rheumatism.

These include constipation, flatulence, acidity, loss of appetite, pimples on the skin, skin problems, hair loss and hair loss. It is the cause of more than eighty diseases in the body. The only way to alleviate all the aches and pains in the camel is to control the gas.

And how to control it to make the digestive system function properly. So learn how to make this infusion that helps the digestive system to function better. This infusion works well to cleanse your digestive system easily and flush out all the waste and toxins in the body. Reduces constipation and keeps the digestive system healthy and provides nutrients to the body.

This water should not be consumed by people with high blood pressure, pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding. This fluid helps to reduce air in the body and reduce arthritis. Also take two glasses of water in a bowl and take a teaspoon of ginger and add a teaspoon of wormwood and a biryani leaf and boil. All these cleanse the intestines and help the digestive system to function better and eliminate constipation and gas.

Also add a teaspoon of ginger powder in a bowl. Ginger corrects flatulence and bile in the body and makes the digestive system healthy, while biryani leaf promotes blood clotting. It cleanses the impurities that have accumulated in the blood vessels and keeps the blood flowing properly. Now boil the water well, filter it and mix a teaspoon of ginger powder in it. Iron, which is abundant in jaggery, also reduces anemia.

It should be taken once a day. It should be taken at any time only when the tea is lukewarm. In addition to these, changes in lifestyle and diet should be made. Eating beets and sitting in the same posture should be reduced. Also start by exercising for an hour every day.


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