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Sunday, 7 March 2021

White cloth, odor, itching, problems in just 3 days will be eaten permanently .. white discharge – our health

The problem of white discharge (white discharge) causes irritation and infertility in women. Excessive whiteness is not a problem if there is no odor or itching. But in spite of all this, if neglected, it can lead to many other health problems. Whiteness can be a problem for girls from menopausal to postmenopausal.

If the white matter is yellow or dark green, it should be considered as an infection. Infection of the abdomen in the body, inflammation in the lower part, can cause ovarian cancer. With a little care the body can be protected from many infections. They are ashamed to tell or show this problem to the doctor. As such they can alleviate the problem with home tips.

For that you need to take rose petals. Native roses are good though. The rose petals should be fresh. Otherwise endocrine glands should be taken. Put them in a bowl and boil them with rose petals. The extract of these petals should be soaked in all the water to stop the flame and filter the water. Drinking this water on a daily basis increases the pH level in the body. Destroys a variety of bacteria and reduces infections.

Also another effective tip to reduce this problem. Take a glass of water in a bowl and add two spoons of coriander. The essence of coriander should be boiled in water. Once the water has faded, filter the water and take a little warm twice a day.

Trying one of these two tips on a daily basis can increase the pH level in the body and reduce itching and infections. Apart from that more health problems in the body are prevented. These tips should be followed not only by ingestion but also by certain instructions. Especially personal hygiene should be observed.

Clean with mild soap and internal wash once a day. Do not use harsh soap. That will lead to more side effects. Sanitary pads should be used during periods. They should be changed once every two hours. Drink plenty of fresh water and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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