Want periods to come just in time? | Irregular Periods | Dr Manthena Satyanarayana Raju – Our Health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Want periods to come just in time? | Irregular Periods | Dr Manthena Satyanarayana Raju – Our Health

Menstrual problems are on the rise in women. Each comes with a difference of two months to a month. Let’s learn about natural treatment in naturopathy without the use of drugs in order to come on time for those who become regular like this.

Eat good food to reduce diseases. Eat foods rich in natural nutrients and protein. Eat your favorite food in the afternoon and switch to good food in the morning and at night. Take pulkas in the afternoon or at night. Eat more curries and greens.

A curry with vegetables Soy beans Be sure to eat in the afternoon. Soak overnight and cook in the cooker. These can be cooked with mikhta vegetables. Doctors believe that it helps to increase hypo estrogen levels for the proper release of estrogen hormone.

Reduce salt and eat greens. Thirty percent in the afternoon Take seventy percent cooked food in the morning at night. Avoid coffee and tea in the morning and drink vegetable juice. Grind two carrots, two beetroots, two tomatoes, one half piece of keira and drink the juice. Drink honey with lemon juice. Vitamins and minerals increase glands that improve organ function.

Put 250 mg of this juice. Then germinated seeds should be taken after thirty hours. Eat six dates along with sprouted seeds of peas and bobbers. Eat a cup of fruit slices like papaya and guava. These germinated seeds reduce the hormonal balance. These are rich in protein.

Glands and ovaries produce hormones in the body. Taking this regularly will gradually reduce the monthly problems. Do this for two to three months. In the morning you can take the sprouted nuts and pulkas in the afternoon and drink the fruit juice around six in the evening.

Coconut water can also be drunk. Eat as much natural food as possible. Then take any two fruits like guava and papaya. Doing this and doing good exercise will soon reduce the monthly problems.

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