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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Tips to gain weight in just 10 days and turn a lean body into a muscle | Weight Gain Tips – Our Health

Most people who want to gain weight no matter how hard they try will have no results. As a result, they lose hope of gaining weight. Some people can’t eat much. The stomach fills up as soon as you eat a little. Such people do not starve properly. Others have digestive problems.

In this case, eating or drinking will have no effect. Like they have three ways to gain weight. These include high calories, high carbohydrates, following a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly. Some people take the myth. Eating more Do not want to gain weight by eating junk food. Junk food does not increase weight. Just makes fat grow.

This causes the body to grow chaotically. Junk food has no nutrients. Thus kidney and stomach digestive system is damaged in most junk food eaters. This can lead to many skin and health problems. Being overweight can lead to many problems. Also, if you are thin, you will get many health problems.

In particular come problems such as low immunity, bone weakness, vitamin deficiency, inability of the body to tolerate minor infections, stunted growth of the body, anemia, kidney problems, monthly problems, lack of energy, dry skin, hair loss, boredom, depression. You need to make some changes in your diet to gain weight.

Full pot milk and yoghurt should be taken as a healthy habit to gain weight. Eat cream over full fat milk formed on top of yogurt. It promotes the growth of healthy fats. Drink a glass of full fat milk at night while sleeping. This brings about a positive change in the body. This also makes the bones stronger.

Also take peanut butter mayonnaise daily. Made with peanut butter patties, mayonnaise eggs, lemon juice and oils. Peanut butter daily, mayonnaise twice a week for weight gain. Domestic ghee should be taken in chapati or rice. If you take ghee regularly, you will gain weight in a short time.

Weight gain can also be achieved by soaking dry fruits and fig raisins. Soak chiasides along with fruit juices for protein. Boiled peas, potatoes, dates, horse milk, exercise should also be taken. Intake of food helps in proper anatomy.

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