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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

This will keep your lungs healthy and clean for up to 100 years. Lungs detox remedies – Our Health

The human lungs work twenty-four hours a day. They breathe twenty to thirty thousand times. It absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. These must be constantly working. But the habit of smoking is very dangerous for our lungs and heart. Smoking first affects our hair, skin and brain.

Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. These findings show that smoking can make it harder for people to quit smoking. Cigars and tobacco are high in nicotine. Smoking has a profound effect on our body and brain and makes us develop a little bit of habit.

One to two will start to burn one by one. Thus complete peace of mind can be obtained only when the satisfaction obtained while drinking is greater. Also when the nicotine level in the body is low the brain repeatedly suggests burning cigarettes. A single cigarette burns a person and releases 4000 different chemicals into his body. Of these, 400 are toxic. As well as over 43 chemicals carcinogens. These chemicals also contaminate the blood. This contaminated blood damages the organs inside the body. The effect starts on the skin and increases irritation and stress. Rapid ejaculation in men and increased fertility problems in women. Slowly the appetite decreases and the body weakens. Decreased absorption of nutrients can lead to many illnesses. This completely weakens the immunity.

If the healthy lungs are light pink, the contaminated ones will turn black. Lungs that turn black make the blood black.

A small tip we need to do to clean the lungs. For that we need cinnamon powder, ginger juice, honey, coin chili powder, lemon juice .. Coin pepper is a kind of fat, long red chilli powder. It helps in cleansing the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and stomach. Boil a liter of water well and add a teaspoon of coin pepper powder, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a tablespoon of ginger juice and a tablespoon of lemon juice (half a teaspoon) of honey half an hour before going to bed.

It reduces the impurities that have accumulated in the lungs and increases metabolism in the body. It also corrects cell damage caused by smoking in the body. This drink cleanses the body as well as cleanses the blood. You can see the difference in breathing if you take this mixture regularly. Herbal chewing gum also helps in cleansing the lungs if eaten. Cleaned lungs become healthier if you drink more water and smoke first and then slowly and completely. Get in the habit of good walking and exercise and stay away from smoking. Drinking this drink regularly and following these tips can protect the lungs.

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