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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

This is the best food for alcoholics – our health

Alcohol consumption has recently become more common in both men and women. When ninety people per fortune have this habit. It is a weakness, this habit cannot be avoided unless it becomes a habit. What do you think is the problem with drinking occasionally. This habit is not manipulative. Among those who continue to standardize, let’s learn dietary precautions to provide some protection from damage to health.

Let’s learn about two habits that can help reduce the effects of alcohol. The first is drinking juices. Drink two fruit juices a day. If possible drink two cider or vegetable juice once. Can I put carrots in vegetable juice? The vitamin A in it helps to cleanse the alcohol. Add carrot, beetroot, keira and tomatoes in vegetable juice. You can drink two and a half to one or one and a half grams of this juice a day. Add honey and lemon juice and drink it.

Take once in the morning before breakfast. Take another juice in the evening instead of breakfast. Take occasional pomegranate juice with citrus fruits, kamala, sweet potato in fruit juices. These allow micronutrients to enter the body well. These juices work very well to detoxify the liver.

The second good habit is to eat nuts. Low cost nuts such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds should be taken and soaked for six hours. These are very fortifying foods. They are high in amino acids, vitamin E and B complex. Walnuts and cashews are a bit more expensive. It is better to soak ten to fifteen beans in one go and eat them. Eat two types of fruits along with these.

Gourds, papaya, should be taken. Watermelon is very good. It can also be eaten as it is high in minerals. Instead of eating three meals a day, you can take soaked nuts and dried dates. It contains many proteins, vitamin A, E, bicomplex, folic acid and zinc. These detoxify the body well and reduce the effect of alcohol on the liver and kidneys. Help to stay healthy.

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