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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The amazing plant that amazes everyone is more valuable than gold..don’t give up at all – our health

Many of the plants around us feel like weeds. But every plant in creation is useful in some way. And this tree that we see most in it works in many ways. That is what the aunts call the tree, the Coca-Cola tree.

Its scientific name: Lantana camara Common names: Coronitas, Lantana weed, wild sage, shrub verbena, yellow sage, Kantute lantana is a perennial flowering plant native to the tropics of the Americas and Africa. It is a somewhat shrubby tree with a pungent odor when injured. There are fragrant flowers and they are a mixture of red, yellow, blue, lilac, white and orange flowers. The leaves are used in home remedies. Are rounded at the base.

Lantana is a genus native to the Australian-Pacific region and is a low-maintenance, large plant. It grows to a height of 1.2 meters.

Despite its nickname, Lantana is not related to the sage family. It is also unrelated to another plant called wild lantanus and belongs to the genus Abronia.

Components used:

Leaves, roots, flowers


Put this on the leaves and bark of the tree or put the fresh leaves in a mesh bag and put it in the bath water.

Relieves insect bites, itching of chicken pox and measles and other skin rashes, cuts, scrapes, ulcers and itching. Bathing with this water also eliminates the symptoms of rheumatism

In folklore, lantana leaves are effective in the case of crushed baited snakebite. It should be written directly on the bite site.

Lantana leaves can be used as tea, headache, fever, flu, cough, cold toothache and indigestion. It also eliminates the symptoms of rheumatism and other joint pains.

Use the fresh leaves of this tree for sprains, bruises and infections.

For inhalation use for respiratory problems:

Pound lantana leaves. Boil in water for 5 minutes using a tight lid. Inhale the steam directly from the pot or pour it into a container and inhale the steam.

Dried lantana leaves, also known as natural mosquito repellent, can be roasted in a glass jar. The dried leaves are used as furniture polish.

Lantana leaves have antifungal, anti-dermatoses and cooling effect.

Sources: The roots of lantana are known as coolant and antifibril.

Dried root decoction is used for gonorrhea, cough, mumps, malaria and influenza.

Flowers: Infusions of flowers and dried flowers called hemostatic are used for hemoptysis and pulmonary tuberculosis.

The whole tree is used as an herbal medicine. Consult your doctor before trying it.

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