Taking this leaf like this is not going to stop your brain functioning by anyone !! – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Monday, 22 March 2021

Taking this leaf like this is not going to stop your brain functioning by anyone !! – Our health

Ayurveda has retained ancient landmarks in Indian medicine for hundreds of years. Ayurveda contains many great medicines and herbs. Brahmi is one of such herbs. It is said that this Brahmi we call Saraswati works wonderfully in improving brain function. This Saraswati leaf has many amazing health benefits, not just for brain function.

Brahmi improves three aspects of brain function, including long-term memory, short-term memory and the ability to retain excellent memory. Brahmi causes coolness. It gives pleasure to the mind and removes worries. Promotes good sleep.

మి Brahmi reduces stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels, a hormone that increases stress. Brahmi helps to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease due to the presence of an amyloid compound in the neuron that causes brain damage. A biochemical called bacosides in Brahmi helps in the formation of new cells by affecting the brain cells.

ప్రభావం Affects thinking by having a positive effect on the hippocampus part of the brain that causes concentration and memory. So as to be able to stay active.

Brahmi is packed with healthy antioxidants. Antioxidants penetrate into cancer cells and help eliminate free radicals. Taking Brahmi regularly to strengthen the immune system will have a good result.

మీ Brahmi is a great medicine for relieving arthritis, gout and other problems. It can also help reduce gastric ulcers and treat intestinal syndrome. Brahmi works wonderfully to control blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. And helps improve the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Brahmi oil is very good for preventing hair fall. Its antioxidant properties not only improve blood circulation but also stimulate the nerves and promote healthy hair growth. Furthermore these antioxidants help in removing all the toxins from the body and enhance the skin color by stimulating the regeneration of cells. Brahmi oil is the best choice for problems like dandruff, itching and hair thinning. Massaging it relaxes the nerves of the brain.


Tea can be made with Brahmi leaves (fresh or dry), which reduces anxiety and stress. In addition, you can experiment with jaggery with Brahmi leaves and make it part of the diet. Brahmi medicines are available in tablets or powder form in the markets but start growing this Brahmi vine longer as fresh leaves have excellent result.

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