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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Simple tip to reduce back pain permanently | Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju – Our Health

Nowadays, our lifestyle suffers from low back pain due to the bad posture in which we sit. Yoga can help you a lot to get rid of back pain. Here are some yogasanas for back pain that will tighten the back muscles and strengthen your back. Practice these yoga asanas daily for back pain to stay healthy.

You may need to sit upright in the back or change our body posture. This imbalance in the sitting position of the body can lead to back pain. A sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are other causes of back pain but it is not too late. You can get rid of back pain with yoga asanas. These asanas improve blood circulation to the nerves and spine and strengthen your back muscles. So, here is a list of yoga asanas to get rid of back pain. See the link below for more information on lowering back pain.

1. Lower facial swanasana

One of them is the yoga pose with the lower face swanasana or the dog bent down. This asana is for your whole body. It boosts your metabolism and calms your mind. Clears bad thoughts. Excellent posture that stretches your ankles and thighs, strengthens your bones and relieves back pain.

How to do it: Start by coming up with four fours. Now, inhale and raise your hips to bring your body to the inverted ‘V’ position. Your feet should be on the floor

Keep your arms shoulder-width apart and look at your navel. Hold this position for five to seven deep breaths, and then return to the original position. Do this five times.

2. Marjaryasana (cat / cow posture)

The cat / cow pose massages your spine and reduces stress. This posture keeps your back healthy and unstable. It is also effective in improving your mental stability.

How to do it: Start with your palms directly below your shoulders and your knees below the hips. Take a deep breath and lower your chest. Place your belly on the floor and above the tail bone. Then inhale and bend your spine backwards, tilt your head towards the floor and pull your pubic bone forward. Do this five times.

(3. Posterior bend (seated forward bend)

Sitting forward bend or paschimotanasana can stretch your spine and reduce back pain. It relieves neck pain and stiffness, eases PMS symptoms, stimulates the liver, improves digestion and reduces fatigue

How to do it: Start by stretching your legs forward and bending your spine straight to the floor. Now, bend forward from your hips and stretch your arms forward so that they touch your feet. Touch your stomach thighs. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and return to the original position. Do this five times.

Trying these asanas like this and occasionally warming up will reduce back pain. As well as sitting in a relaxed posture while sitting. If you make it a habit to sit with your back straight and bent over, the chances of back pain are reduced.

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