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Monday, 15 March 2021

Shocking facts for those who eat a lot of cashews !! – Our health

Cashews are a must for any dessert. Sprinkle a little salt on the fried cashews and eat as a snack for those who are financially savvy. As well as cashew cutlets with cashews, cashews can also be made into a paste for extra flavor in dishes, and many dishes beyond cashews like cashew upma, cashew biryani and cashew paneer are also mouth-watering with cashews. However, many people eat more boiled cashews to taste. If you are wondering whether eating more cashews is good for your health, here are the pros and cons of eating more cashews.

Increases weight

Moderate consumption of cashews is good for health but if consumed in large quantities, it can lead to rapid weight gain due to its high calorie content. Containing monounsaturated fats in moderation can keep the cardiovascular system healthy but eating too much of these nutritious fats can lead to illness. See

Sodium gets high

Although sodium levels in cashews are low, consuming large amounts of cashews can be harmful to health. It has the property of exceptionally raising blood pressure which increases the risk of early onset of heart problems. As well as leading to cardiovascular problems. Another thing is that frying cashews and sprinkling salt on them makes this problem even more dangerous.

Raw cashews are dangerous

Many people buy raw cashews that are available at low prices. Raw cashews can often lead to allergies, itching, and gastrointestinal problems due to not taking proper care in the process of making cashews from cashews. So it is better to choose and buy the best quality cashews.

Disrupts a balanced diet.

Although cashews contain a large number of nutrients, they can have an effect on other foods we eat. High intake of cashews keeps the appetite away from being digested quickly. The result is a reduction in the intake of fruits, vegetables, other nutrients and grains that the body needs. Therefore, a balanced diet can lead to a deficiency of certain vitamins and proteins.

Excess magnesium can be dangerous.

Cashews are high in magnesium. It has many benefits such as controlling body temperature and keeping bones and teeth healthy. However, due to the high magnesium intake, this magnesium prevents the effect of the medication taken during daily illness. This does not cure the disease quickly.

People who take medicines for problems like BP, sugar and thyroid are advised not to eat too much cashew.

Not good for those with headaches and migraines.

Eating cashews provides amino acids such as tyramine and phenylethylamine. Although these are good for health, they are not good for people with sensitive health problems like headaches and migraines even if they regulate blood pressure. This can make the problem worse. .

Finally 3.

Although cashews are good for health, if you eat too much whether the taste is good or not, you will get sick. Most will not be harmed forever.

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