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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Reduce flatulence and gas naturally – our health

If we have bloating we can no longer focus on any work. We have lunch every morning, afternoon and evening. Otherwise eat something in the middle. Tea and tiffin in the middle if friends offer. Eating like this starts the bladder problem without having time to digest. This causes trouble. So for tiffin in the morning, do not eat anything in between meals. After eating like this, we will eat the food again after half of the food is digested.

It has to be digested again along with the first food. This can cause stomach problems. When eaten like this, gas is produced and it cools up. It becomes as if it is stuck in the chest. This is called a bladder. Do not eat anything until noon after eating in the morning. Eat again in the afternoon when hungry. Drink fresh water in the middle. If you want to eat anything after a meal like this, eat it then. Do not make it a habit to eat later. See the link below for more information.

Also do not eat anything after lunch even in the afternoon. Drink fresh water for two hours. This problem can cause problems with bowel movements, gas, and acidity. Also chew the food well while eating. Do not drink water while eating. Doing so dilutes the hydrochloric acid that digests food. The food eaten is stored longer due to the cooling of the digestive juices that need to be digested.

Fermentation occurs if food is stored. Drinking a glass of water occasionally will reduce bloating. Some people do not drink water for a long time before a meal. Do not overeat as you eat. The stomach is full and bloated due to the drinking water taken. Therefore, water should be taken only in the middle of the meal. Also avoid chili, spices and junk foods. Quickly digested food, switch to healthy habits. Do not take anti-foods that should not be mixed once. For example milk, yogurt. Milk, lemon

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