Once a week … 20 new hairs come and grow thickly near the blown hair … It is true – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Once a week … 20 new hairs come and grow thickly near the blown hair … It is true – our health

If the food we eat plays a major role in hair care, the precautions we take will also help keep our hair healthy. While there are many benefits to using expensive products, there are also disadvantages and disadvantages. Proper nutrition and healthy habits contribute to hair care.

Precautions with naturally occurring ingredients can eliminate hair problems and keep hair healthy at a low cost. Let’s look at Avento. Pour half a glass of water in a bowl and add a spoonful of powder. Boil this water on a thin flame for six minutes and then add half a lemon juice to it until the flame cools down.

Any shampoo we use should be taken according to the size of our hair. Combine all these well and apply on the scalp and rub for two minutes. There is no need to bathe again because of the shampoo in it. It is a natural method for hair growth and cleansing. Doing this will reduce dandruff and grease on the scalp and keep the hair clean.

As well as amniotic fluid, the vitamin C in lemon juice keeps the scalp healthy. Makes hair soft rather than fibrous. Amoxicillin penetrates into the hair follicles and provides oxygen. Thereby improving blood circulation to the hair. Applying a mixture of amla powder and sesame powder on the scalp makes the hair soft and firm.

Also, adding fenugreek powder and aspirin powder to the scalp will reduce most of the problems in the head. Lemon juice removes dandruff on the head and strengthens hair follicle cells. This will reduce hair fall. Lemon juice works very well in removing impurities and grease from the hair.

Lemon juice should not be put directly on the head. Hair whitens due to acidic properties. Can be combined with any ingredients. Doing this up to four times a month once a week will result in a beautiful headband.

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