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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Knee pain, joint pain all eaten at the cost of 10 rupees … not real in life – our health

Arthritis is a problem that plagues everyone regardless of age. Knee pain can be caused by wear or tear of the pulp between the joints. Knee pain and arthritis can be very troublesome. That is why if you follow these tips at night, you will get relief from arthritis. These tips can be followed if the arthritis is in the early stages. Consult a doctor if the same is severe. It can be reduced in the beginning if proper instructions are followed.

Castor oil should be taken for this. Take one teaspoon of castor oil. It is rich in selenium. Massage with this oil is effective for shoulder and back pain. When castor oil is applied all over the body, it improves blood flow or circulation and reduces arthritis and arthritis. Used in Ayurveda to treat arthritis and knee pain. Castor oil is high in omega three, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties.

Castor oil has a lot of properties that increase joint strength. Add a teaspoon of ginger powder to this oil. Lemongrass powder is also effective in reducing arthritis. Ginger powder also has high anti-inflammatory properties. Reduces knee pain, arthritis, muscle tension, injuries. Immune compounds in the gums help reduce knee pain and inflammation. Apply this mixture where there is pain and cover with a towel or cloth. Leave it like that overnight.

Wash this area with lukewarm water. Then the swelling and pain will subside. Using this mixture for ten days will provide relief.

This tip works very effectively. This mixture is effective in reducing knee pain and reducing arthritis. Immune properties are abundant in both. Drinking ginger powder mixed with lukewarm water also reduces pain. Ginger powder has many other benefits besides reducing pain.

Adults are therefore told to eat ginger powder in the first lump when eating rice. It is said that eating like that does not cause problems like indigestion and gas. It causes hunger for those who are not hungry. Works well even for those who suffer with indigestion. Reduces the problem of excess fat and helps to lose weight. Drinking a spoonful of ginger powder in milk or tea in case of cough and cold reduces indigestion.

Clove powder and ginger powder can be boiled in water and drunk to relieve cough. People who are overweight can lose weight by drinking ginger powder mixed with boiling water on the run. Drinking warm milk together can prevent urinary tract infections.

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