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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Just 2 times in 10 minutes to relax your arms, legs, lower back, weakness, fatigue, anemia, obesity – our health

Being overweight can lead to many health problems. Fatigue and boredom come with a little work. Then try this remedy. Works very well. Boil a glass of milk and add a teaspoon of anise. Anise improves our digestive system and helps in better digestion of food. It dissolves the fat in the blood and reduces the problem of overweight. Prevents constipation, gas and acidity.

Slightly boil the milk and grate or slice an inch of ginger in it. Ginger contains a chemical called gingerol. Eating ginger reduces many health problems. Ginger is high in antioxidants. Take a small amount of ginger daily if the boredom is insignificant. People with decreased appetite and indigestion eat ginger to increase appetite.

Periods come on time if people with PCOD take allan regularly. Consumption of ginger dissolves bad cholesterol and reduces the problem of overweight. Keeps away from heart attacks. Ginger and cilantro juice work well for indigestion and digestive problems. People suffering from sore throat can reduce it by consuming ginger juice. People suffering from bad breath can reduce bad breath if they chew ginger.

Then add small cinnamon sticks. It can be taken in powder or small pieces. It lowers the blood glucose levels. Controlling sugar levels in diabetic patients. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties fight pre-radicals and control cancer cells. Aging symptoms are delayed. Cinnamon is high in weight and has anti-diabetic properties.

This milk can be boiled for seven to ten minutes and then mixed with gingerbread or jaggery powder. Never mind taking honey. People with diabetes should take it without sweets. You can drink this milk every morning before eating anything or before going to bed at night. The body feels light within a single day of drinking this milk. The waste in the body goes out and the body also cleanses internally. There are many types of joints in the body that can reduce leg pain, anemia, fatigue, boredom, foot pain, weakness and stay healthy.

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