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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

If you know about this sugar, you will start using it !! – Our health

Kanda sugar is also commonly known as misri. It is a form of unrefined sugar. Has less sweetness than ordinary wood. However it is by far the best in terms of health. It is made from sugar cane juice or palm stones. This flesh sugar or palm sugar contains a lot of nutrients. And if you know the health benefits of these, you can start using them.

Kanda sugar is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Vitamin B12, which is found only in meat, is found in meat sugar, so vegetarians can easily get vitamin B12 by consuming meat sugar. See the health benefits of muscle sugar.

Gives fresh breath.

Squeezing a little bit of muscle in the mouth after a meal removes the breath and the odor of the food eaten and refreshes the mouth. As well as small sources of food trapped in the teeth also come out of the tooth joints when eating carbs. Thereby refreshing the breath.

Relieve cough, fever, sore throat

In case of cough and fever due to germs in the throat, taking sugar cane gives good relief to the throat. Also, drinking fleshy sugar mixed with water dries out the fever and suppresses the heat. Black pepper powder, ghee and powdered sugar are mixed well and taken before going to bed at night.

Increases hemoglobin levels

People with low hemoglobin levels suffer from problems such as anemia, fatigue, flaky skin, dullness and weakness. Muscle sugar intake raises hemoglobin levels and keeps blood circulation efficient.

Helps digestion

Muscle sugar not only provides fresh breath but also aniseed together reduces indigestion and improves digestion. Eating a little bit of sugar mixed with anise after a meal helps in quick digestion of food and also improves digestive health due to the fiber in anise seeds.

Stops nose bleeding

Bleeding in the nose occurs when the body heat is high. Muscle sugar helps to stop bleeding immediately. Muscle sugar helps in relieving bleeding by cooling the body.

Good for the brain

Consumption of fleshy wood can improve memory and reduce mental fatigue. Drinking Kanda sugar mixed with warm milk before going to bed at night reduces memory as well as mental fatigue and promotes good sleep.

Useful for lactating mothers

Muscle sugar increases breast milk production by acting as an anti-depressant. So it is better for women to take it after childbirth. It does not cause any side effects.

Improves eyesight

Sugar is very good for the eyes. It is advisable to take fleshy sugar to prevent cataracts in the eye. It also protects the eyesight.

Finally… ..

All the above mentioned health benefits can be obtained by consuming Kanda sugar which is used in Ayurvedic medicine, in temple offerings and good deeds.

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