If you drink 1 glass, the fat in your camel will melt like ice Weight Loss Natural Remidy | Weight Loss – Our Health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Friday, 5 March 2021

If you drink 1 glass, the fat in your camel will melt like ice Weight Loss Natural Remidy | Weight Loss – Our Health

More than half of the world’s population suffers from obesity. This number is still growing in the meantime. If we do not accumulate fat in our body, we will unknowingly have health problems. We will have to deal with this one day. 70 to 80 years ago the common man ate five to six kilos of sugar in his life. But now the quality of sugar has changed. The number of eaters has changed. Because of this many people are gaining weight. How to lose weight. How to detoxify the body. Let’s see how to increase the rate of metabolism.

Body fat does not increase. The whole day is exciting. Exercise can keep the body healthy without diet. Obese people have an eighty-five percent higher risk of kidney disease than normal. Risk of diabetes, arthritis, increase or decrease in blood pressure, heart disease. The solution to the problem is in our hands. Body detox is a great way to lose weight. An increase in body fat means that our body does not fully expel the food we eat. This causes the food to turn into fat and accumulate in the body. Naturally these toxins are expelled.

Ingredients we need for this drink. Lemon peels, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, pink rock salt. While these may seem like simple ingredients, they can have amazing results if taken in the right way at the right time. Pink salt has ten times more medicinal properties than ordinary salt. It contains eighty types of minerals and nutrients. Helps to detoxify the body and detoxify. Easily available online at Ayurvedic shops. When it is not found, black salt and turmeric can be used. Pink salt is more beneficial though.

Yellow, cinnamon and lemon peels are very important in this drink. Even the oily juice in lemon peel can help reduce the problem of overweight. Rub the lemon peel with a greater help. Crush the cinnamon. Put a bowl on the fire and add water and then two lemons or two spoons of grater. Then add two cloves. Boil for two minutes. Then add maple cinnamon powder. Add three pinches of turmeric, a pinch of pink salt and boil on low flame for five minutes. Be sure to cover when making this.

The medicinal properties of these substances must be submerged in water. After five to six minutes, turn off the heat and strain with the help of a strainer. It is rich in antioxidants. Accumulated fat in the body, sugar levels in the body are controlled. Cloves, yellow increase the rate of metabolism. This reduces the rate of fat gain. Take one hour after meals or half an hour before bedtime. Do not take this drink on an empty stomach. This drink causes heat in the body. So add a teaspoon of anise when making this drink. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

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