If this plant is found anywhere bring it home without leaving even the roots is more valuable than gold – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Saturday, 20 March 2021

If this plant is found anywhere bring it home without leaving even the roots is more valuable than gold – our health

Have you ever heard the name of Reddy’s Nanubalu? If not find out now. In front of the house, in the fields, on the walls, where there is a lot of water, we see this plant as a weed that grows on the ridges. This plant is a wonderful plant that enhances eyesight and fertility, gives youthful vigor to both men and women, and dissolves tumors in the body. The plant is called Duttika in Sanskrit, Duttika in Hindi and Reddy in Telugu as Nanubalu, Palakada, Gorrekada and Pachchabotlaku.

The plant comes in two colors, red and white. Smaller plants have more amazing medicinal properties than the older ones, which grow to a great height. In ancient times, tattoos were made with the juice of crushed leaves. The taste of this plant is sweet and spicy. The juice or infusion of this leaf can be taken in moderation to eradicate leprosy, phlegm, intestinal diseases, throat diseases, eye diseases, skin and seborrhea in the body.

Dipping this leaf in lentils increases milk production in infants. This plant is an excellent remedy for conjunctival nerve diseases caused by diabetes. Bring this plant to a boil and dry. This powder should be sprinkled and stored in a glass bottle. This powder should be taken daily in half a glass of boiling water half an hour before a meal. This helps control diabetes. Eyesight improves. Sperm removal removes fertility. When the lumps form in the body, rubbing the milk of this tree will dissolve the lumps.

When there are eye problems, this plant can improve the eyesight by filling the small nanubalu plant and putting a drop of that milk in the cunt. People with hot flashes should use this milk only once in two days. Twenty days and then ten days again. Leave on and use for another twenty days to get better results. This will reduce the appearance of pimples, puffiness and pimples. Most women experience abdominal pain. They take the leaves, crush them, filter them in a thin cloth and take three teaspoons of this juice to reduce stomach pain. Learn more about this plant which has so many benefits in this link.

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