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Monday, 8 March 2021

Healthy natural sweetener found in research. You know what – our health

We use sugar mainly in everyday dishes, sweets, milk and juices. Then use jaggery in place. We are also using jaggery in the meantime. This causes many problems. Dental problems are more common. Bad bacteria are more likely to be present and cause trouble. Immunity is greatly reduced. Infections such as sore throats and tonsils are more common. Increases sputum, cough, mucus. People with low blood sugar are also more likely to have high blood sugar. Sugar and jaggery increase the risk of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Sugar is the leading cause of obesity. Everyone loves sweets. But in naturopathy it is said to be safe to use. Use belladonna sparingly too. Honey should be used when desired for sweetness, and dried dates can also be used. Dried dates can be used. All three should be used in milk and sweets. All of this is what I have heard before. But there is another sweet substance in nature. Most heard in Ayurveda it is the same sweetness provided by nature. These are licorice roots. This powder is available in the market. One hundred grams is forty rupees. KJ may have three to four. How to use sweetener in diet.

People with diabetes avoid sugar in coffee and tea. A pinch of sweetness is sweet to the mouth. Blood sugar level does not rise. It has been shown to increase insulin resistance in people with diabetes. Since it is used sparingly, it is enough to add a teaspoon in the juice. Araspoon of buttermilk mixed with sweetener when heated makes the body move. It can also be given to children as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties in breast milk. It can be used as a sweetener in our diet. Can also be sprinkled on top of salads.

Instead of sugar, belladonna can be used as a sweetener. There is no danger in using four to five spoons a day. People suffering from phlegm, cough, mucus, catarrh and bronchitis are at risk of developing severe jaundice if they use sugar jaggery. Sweetness does not cause this problem. Research has shown that sweeteners are good for health. For dessert brought home, a teaspoon can be used when desired. Can also be used in herbal teas. Reduces throat infections. Let’s protect the health by using the sweetness given by nature. You also say that health is great luck.

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