Girls must watch this video, this is what happens in your body when you eat guava leaves on an empty stomach .. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Girls must watch this video, this is what happens in your body when you eat guava leaves on an empty stomach .. – Our health

Gourds are a fruit that is available to everyone. These have many health benefits. Ginger is rich in Vitamin C which enhances immunity. In fact it is a home-grown panacea. Jamakus also have many medicinal properties that we do not know about. Let’s learn about the health benefits of eating three guavas in the morning.

Research has shown that Jamakus have more medicinal properties than fruit. Nutrients, painkillers and anti-inflammatory properties are high in these jamakulu. This jam reduces many problems like cold, cough, shortness of breath, toothache, gingivitis and mouth ulcers. Jama works wonderfully in boosting our immunity.

This is because jamacs are high in antioxidants and the flavonoids quercetin flavonol, which keep the body healthy. It is also high in potassium and fiber. All of these can lead to many health problems. Jamakus are good to eat or drink infusion. Let’s see how to make the infusion. Put five or ten jamakuls in a liter of water and keep it until the water is half boiling.

This boiled water is taken in the morning so that the sugar levels in the blade are under control. It is also very good for people with diabetes. Drinking jamakula tea like this after a meal will get rid of all the problems caused by sugar. The antioxidants in Jamaican flush out the toxins in our blood. Potassium dietary fiber in them is very good for our heart.

Helps in reducing bad cholesterol and reducing blockages. Makes good fat grow. This reduces the high blood pressure that can lead to heart attack. It is better to take any of these jams or infusions. These guavas can reduce the monthly abdominal pain by consuming the juice. Guacamole tea has a good result. The food eaten is well digested by eating guava fruit. The reason is that it is high in fiber.

Jamak is also high in dietary fiber than fruit. This will improve the digestive system even if you eat guava and drink its juice. When diarrhea occurs, drinking this tea will reduce it immediately. It also helps reduce the risk of life-threatening cancer and the side effects of anti-cancer drugs.

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