Everyone who eats chicken must watch this video or they will lose a lot .. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Everyone who eats chicken must watch this video or they will lose a lot .. – Our health

Do you eat meat every day? Are there fish, meat, prawns, crabs and many other foods available for our daily consumption? However, any non-vegetarian food should be eaten daily. What happens when you eat. Isn’t eating good. Let us now learn about this subject. Experts say that eating seafood, chicken and mutton on a daily basis is not a good idea. Because most are always dangerous. Growth defects occur in children who eat meat on a daily basis. Eating too much nonveg like this will cause the shades of aging to come at a young age.

Phosphate in meat can cause kidney problems. Scientists also say that eating too much meat can lead to cancer and lung problems. There is no need to give up meat completely for this. Make sure any meat is low in fat. Fats should be taken in moderation rather than high. Meat is high in any protein and fat. Mutton is high in fat. Longer fish and chicken are rich in nutrients.

Eating high fat meats like mutton and red meat can lead to ldk bad cholesterol trace glycerides in the body. This can lead to weight gain. This puts you at risk for heart attack. That is why you should eat less fatty meats. Chicken and fish can be taken daily. This not only provides plenty of nutrients but also promotes cell growth in the body. This makes the muscles stronger. Eat fifty to one hundred grams of fish or chicken a day.

Mutton should be eaten once a week. Those with kidney problem should take it only with the advice of a doctor. Otherwise the problem is likely to increase in severity. Also, whenever you eat meat, you should eat only fully cooked meat. Pregnant women should be careful about eating meat. Uncooked meat causes a disease called toxoplasmosis. This can lead to abnormal growth in the fetus. Experiments have shown that it impairs brain function. There is also the possibility of blindness. There is also the possibility of paralysis. Health is ours if we take food that is not harmful to our body in the right way.

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