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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Doing so will lower BP very easily and will never come back Solutions For High BP – Our Health

Hypertension or hypertension is a growing disease nowadays. This is the extreme that comes with lifestyle changes. If high blood pressure is ignored it can slowly turn into a fatal problem. Problems such as headaches are on the rise due to increased work pressure, lack of rest, and drastic changes in the food we eat and drink.

Excessive intake of stress and tension causes the blood in the blood vessels inside the body to flow faster. This causes a high blade pleasure problem. Rapid blood flow causes blockages in the blood vessels. Excess of these can lead to heart attack. If there is pain in the back of the neck immediately after waking up in the morning, it means that the BP in the body has increased.

Occasional dizziness, back pain in the arms, shoulders, legs, and frequent urination may indicate an increase in blood pressure if there is frequent pain in the area around the heart. If the BP is rising, you may feel lethargic, extremely stressed, have difficulty breathing, and have trouble turning your eyes. It is more common in people with diabetes, thyroid and overweight.

It is unlikely to be reduced with medication. BP can cause heart problems as well as damage to the conjunctiva. Medication does not lower BP so it is only possible to reduce the symptoms. Medications can lower BP for a short time but then cause side effects. Let’s learn about the method of reducing it naturally.

Wonderful medicines can be made with household items. They do not cause any side effects. They can reduce bad pollutants along with BP. All we need for this is poppy seeds and watermelon seeds. It contains a chemical compound called quercetin. It regulates blood flow.

If fresh watermelon is found, the seeds can be removed and dried. Or dried lentils are available in all supermarkets. Grind a cup of poppy seeds into a cup of watermelon mix and store in a glass jar. Tiffin should be taken daily in the morning with a spoonful of fresh water before eating. Poppy eliminates problems with the blood.

It is rich in Vitamin B6, Potassium and Iron. The effect of these is to regulate blood circulation. Watermelon also lowers blood pressure. Fifteen minutes after eating watermelon, the blood circulation is controlled due to its medicinal properties. That is why people with BP problems should definitely eat watermelon in summer. Amla, cinnamon juice also helps in lowering BP.

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