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Friday, 12 March 2021

Do you drink tea every morning ..! But be sure to watch this video..or you will lose a lot – our health

Do you drink tea early in the morning? You are not alone! This is a habit. But there are many people who start their day with tea on an empty stomach. However, drinking a caffeinated beverage like tea in the morning may not be the best thing to do. Now, if you are a person who can not live without a cup of tea every morning and feel acidity at all times .. you know what the reason is!

Apart from being one of the main causes of acidity, morning tea can lead to flushing of bacteria from your mouth to your gut. In the gut, it fights good bacteria and can disrupt your metabolism. Stomach upset occurs. Drinking tea in the morning can damage the alkaline balance of digestive juices and acid in your gut.

2. Tea contains a chemical called theophylline. It has a dehydrating effect on the stool and can cause constipation. Even a healthy fiber diet and exercise may not work as effectively in preventing constipation if you take tea for the first time in the morning.

3. Eating tea in the morning prevents the absorption of other nutrients. 4. Furthermore, tea contains traces of nicotine. This can cause you to become addicted to the drink. Therefore, it is time to give up this habit completely. You can start your day with plain lukewarm water.

You can take a fruit 15 to 20 minutes after you wake up and drink water. Tea or coffee can be taken 15 to 20 minutes later. In the beginning, it is difficult, but certainly not impossible, to give up this habit you have been following for years. If you are one of those who exercise in the morning, you can try to break this habit by eating some nuts and seeds or a fruit before exercising.

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