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Monday, 29 March 2021

10 Important Foods Not To Eat On The Run, Do Not Eat At All | Foods should not eat on Empty Stomach – our health

Let us now learn about the ten foods that should not be eaten while on the run means eating nothing. Some foods can cause many health problems if not used properly at the right time. Proper awareness of such things or many times we eat like that and get sick. Aventantara.

The first are coffee and tea.

Most people have a habit of drinking coffee and tea as soon as they wake up in the morning as drinking it can damage the digestive system. That is why you should drink at least a glass of water after drinking.

Then the tomato. Have a habit of eating tomatoes. Do not eat like this. Raw tomatoes are high in tannin acids. These increase the release of acids in the digestive tract and cause gas.

Cold drinks, sodas. These are high in carbonated acids which can lead to ulcers. That is why it is better to drink fresh fruit juices instead. Also causes pain and vomiting in the abdomen.

Some people take tablets for headaches or other health problems on the run. Doing so can lead to many ill effects and illnesses. Occasional abdominal pain and diarrhea may occur.

Do not eat spicy and spicy foods in the morning. Eating like this causes the stomach to release more of the hydrochloric acid that is used to digest food, causing heartburn and acidity.

Also do not eat yogurt original in the morning. Bacteria that grow on lactic acid, which is high in it, release more of it when eaten on the run and cause constipation.

Also do not eat a banana in the morning. Magnesium in bananas can affect the blood. This increases the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Later Pierce fruit should also not be eaten on the run. It also disrupts the digestive system. Gastric problems come up.

Sweet potatoes are high in tannins and peptines. These can cause upset stomach and citrus fruits like gooseberries and oranges should not be eaten. These can cause gastric and acidity.

Do not drink alcohol in the morning. Drinking so it has an effect on the liver. It can be life threatening.

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