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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Underestimating whether or not you can peel is like burning on the skin – our health

Banana is an edible fruit for everyone from children to the elderly. Not to mention the nutrients in it. How does everyone eat a banana ?? Anyway, how do we eat peel and eat the fruit, and what the skin does is put in the trash. But there are lots of benefits due to this banana peel. Also waste banana peel if Avento finds out.

Gives brilliance to teeth

Rub banana peel on your teeth for one minute every day for a week. Doing this can lead to whitening of the teeth. Instead of spending a finger on the outside, try this once. Surprise yourself.

Removes pimples

Banana peel helps in removing pimples and prevents new pimples. To do this, gently rub the banana peel on the pimples. This is the best procedure to reduce acne naturally.

Even as a food

Banana peels can also be eaten. Don’t think of eating banana peel. Add these and make many delicious wonderful recipes. Especially carnivores make good dishes by adding banana peel in chicken cooking.

Reduces wrinkles

Banana peel helps to keep the body skin hydrated. Add the egg yolk to the soft banana peel and apply the mixture on the face and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse with plain water after 5 minutes. Doing this regularly will gradually reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

Pain relief

Banana peel should be applied directly on the painful area when suffering from pain in any part of the body. Leave on for 30 minutes until the pain goes away. A blend of vegetable oil and banana peel also helps greatly in relieving pain.

Cures Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a dull disease that plagues many people. Apply banana peel on the psoriasis affected area. Banana peel has moisturizing properties and also reduces itching. It cures psoriasis quickly and can be used freely at any time.

Provides relief from insect bites

Banana peel works for instant relief from itching and pain, and for pain relief when bitten by insects such as mosquitoes. The bite should be massaged with banana peel

Works on shoes, leather and silver polish

Rubbing banana peel on shoes, leather and silverware makes them shine like new.

Protects from ultraviolet rays

Banana peel helps protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Rubbing banana peel on the eyes while in the sun does this to reduce cataracts and protect eye health.

Finally… ..

When there are so many benefits to having a banana peel in the trash after eating the fruit, is it a good idea to use the peel well?

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