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Monday, 22 February 2021

Excellent tips to reduce snoring during sleep

Snoring while sleeping is a common problem found in most homes. Every house has a snorer. Intillipadi in their net are in trouble. No one cares much about this even if it is so embarrassing. About 75% of snorers have obstructive sleep apnea. This increases the risk of heart disease. Although it is important to consult a doctor for this snoring, the problem can be checked with some naturally occurring tips. See Avento.

Changing posture while sleeping

Lying on your back causes the tongue to slip into the space between the tongue and the palate, which vibrates as you inhale and exhale during sleep. So avoid lying on the floor. It is best to lie back on one side.

Weight loss

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. The solution is to lose weight when the snoring problem is present in overweight people. Needless to say, weight loss is also very good for health. If the weight around the neck increases it has an effect on the diameter of the throat, which is likely to turn into a similar snoring.

Alcohol should be avoided

Alcohol and narcotics reduce the ability of the muscles in the back of your throat to cause snoring. “Drinking alcohol before going to bed makes snoring worse” Even those who do not snore become addicted to alcohol.

Precautions in case of sleep

It’s surprising that sleep habits can also cause snoring, but it’s true. Sleep habits can have the same effect as drinking alcohol. Working long hours without enough sleep, not allocating enough time for sleep during the day, and getting less sleep and doing more physical activity can lead to muscle weakness. Lack of rest can cause shortness of breath and snoring in the throat

Caution is required in the case of nostrils.

Breathing should proceed without any problem. If air circulation in the nostrils is disturbed it can lead to snoring. If the nostrils are narrow due to a cold or other obstruction, rapid breathing can cause snoring. Rinse the nostrils with salt-water. It gives a good result.

Changing the pillow cover

The pillow cover in the bedroom should be changed frequently. Bacteria and dirt on the pillow cover can also cause respiratory problems such as snoring, and the ceiling fan should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise when the fan is put on the dust can spread throughout the room and damage the airway especially the airway. Especially those with dust allergies need to be very careful in this regard.

Another important thing is to keep pets like dogs and cats away from the bedroom.

Make sure the body is not dehydrated

Take plenty of fluids. If the body is dehydrated the secretions in the nose will slip and blisters and they will cause difficulty in breathing. As well as clearing the throat. For those who have respiratory problems by then, snoring can be severe if it is added. .

Finally 3.

When snoring is bothersome it is best to take the above precautions and consult a doctor if there is no result.

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