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Tuesday, 19 January 2021



We know how it is: The boyfriend’s birthday is coming up but men are ridiculously hard to buy for.

You could buy him sports stuff, but are you certain you even know who he supports? Moreover, wouldn’t he already have that jersey?

Then there’s the option of cologne but that’s cliche central.

Beer? Hardly a great surprise.

Oh hey, why not just buy socks?!

As you can see, buying stuff for the birthday boy is just hard work. No matter how long you’ve been together – 2 months, 2 years or even a decade – you still can’t decide! And it hardly helps that he’s so indecisive, too, and just grunts every time you ask him what he wants.

You: What do you want for your birthday?

Him: *Grunts*

You: Come on, what do you want?

Him: *Grunts louder*

But it’s okay, because Beauty and Tips have done the research to find out exactly what guys want from their girlfriends for their birthday.

And the best thing? Guys – unlike the ladies – generally don’t want you to spend a fortune on them. After all, it’s probably his money too that you’re spending, right?!

Let’s take a look at these…

Top 50 creative and exciting birthday surprises for your boyfriend!

1. Band Merchandise

Your boyfriend no doubt loves his music – so why not get him some band merchandise?

If there’s a band he’s absolutely obsessed with, consider getting him a poster, a piece of wall art, a new t-shirt or even a band-themed cushion.

If you’ve got some serious dough this year, consider getting him a piece of artwork signed by a band or a musical artist.

Band merchandise helps to liven up your/his house and if you get this right, he’ll love you forever.

And why not accessorise this gift with a brand new vinyl record for him to enjoy?

If you live together, however, you should probably focus on a band you both like.

2. A Mini Fridge

If your boyfriend has his very own man cave, we’re going to be a bit presumptuous and take a guess that he likes a beer now and then.

And if he has a man cave, he probably spends a lot of time up there and invites his friends over for video game evenings?

If so, a perfect birthday surprise would be a mini fridge so that he can store his beers away without having to nip into the kitchen each time he wants to pop a cold one.

A mini fridge will probably surprise him. After all, the last thing he surely expected was a gift from you that encourages him to spend even more time in his man cave!

Aww, what a great girlfriend you are.

(He has no idea this gift is so that he’s out of the way and you can spend more time watching Tom Hardy movies).

3. A Super Car Experience

Does your man love fast cars?

What man doesn’t?!

If your boyfriend goes weak at the knees each time he sees a super car and has always said he’d love to drive one, why not buy him a super car experience? He’ll spend a day on the track, zooming around in the car of his dreams.

It’s the next best thing to owning one and he’ll be satisfied for a long time.

Make sure you have a go, too!

4. Classy Travel Document Organiser

Does your man travel a lot?

Is he also a bit messy and disorganised?

If “yes!” to those two questions, a classy travel document organiser could be just the thing he needs. It’s a great and handy place for him to store his important documents and bits and bobs that he needs for travelling, including currencies, boarding passes, credit cards and so on.

If you’ve got a bit of cash to flash this time, consider getting him a Nappa leather organiser.


5. A New Watch

Are watches going out of fashion? Like heck they are!

Men have always loved watches since, well, watches existed! They are the perfect accessory for the perfect gentleman and if your man has had the same watch for years, or if his current watch broke aaaaaaaages ago and he never got it fixed, now is the time to buy him a brand new one.

True, watches can be expensive, but there’s no need to go all out and buy him a Rolex here. A sophisticated but affordable leather watch will do nicely and he’ll be proud to wear it off for date night.

And date night, of course, is his birthday!

6. Darth Vader Oven Glove

Let’s face it – men are just big kids at heart! If they’re to do anything around the house, it has to be done properly.

For example, the only time he’ll cook the dinner is if he can wear a Darth Vader oven glove. Buy him this awesome gift and he’ll never stop cooking!

Don’t forget to accessories it with light sabre tongues and a Darth Vader kitchen apron, too.

7. Amazon Echo

If you man hasn’t experienced the joys of Amazon Echo yet because #budgeting and all that, his birthday is the perfect excuse to hook him up.

The Amazon Echo is a pretty cool voice controlled-hub that your lazy boyfriend can just talk to/shout at/growl at whenever he wants to listen to music, hear the news or check the latest sports results.

It’s absolutely tailor made for the boyfriend who doesn’t even want to use a remote control anymore but wants his very own in-house personal assistant.

(and let’s face it, you can use it to do your shopping, too)

8. Coffee Machine

Has your boyfriend seriously had to survive ALL these years without a coffee machine? Has he been making his coffee (badly) manually each morning?

Has he never known the joys of being able to make a mocha, a latte or a posh espresso at home?

Poor boyfriend!

We think it’s time you perked him up with his first ever coffee machine because a) boys love their toys and b) it means no more rubbish cups of coffee for you.


9. La-Z-Boy Recliner Chair

All boys love their chairs.

They use their chairs to watch sports.

They use their chairs to watch movies.

They use their chairs to nap and restore their super hero powers.

They use their chairs to LIVE.

If your man has had to settle for the same armchair for years, why not treat him to a brand new, La-Z-boy recliner chair?

These chairs are aimed at the man who wants to enjoy himself in life. He’ll be able to chill while watching his favourite team and movies while enjoying loads of snacks and he’ll love you forever.

Plus, when you want to snuggle, you can jump aboard, too!

10. Beard Trimmer

If your man has a beard, it probably looked pretty good at first.

Maybe he was taking real good care of it and it perhaps it even made him look a bit sexy.

However, as it is with all guys who don’t actually own a beard trimmer, a beard can easily get out of hand. Eventually, they look a lot less hunky and a lot more dishevelled. It isn’t a great look.

So why don’t you do the two of you a huge favour by getting him a beard trimmer for his birthday this year? He can use it to trim the perfect beard so that he looks less of a homeless bear that was rejected by its bear fam jam and more like an actual gorgeous man.

11. A Beer Kit

Men love to drink beer, they love to talk about beet – and they rather fancy that they could make an awesome beer if they were given the chance.

Their very own beer is a dream come true for many guys everywhere. Get your beer-loving boyfriend this for his birthday and watch him concoct a special brew that tastes amazing.

Or truly awful.

Remember to make sure he tastes it first.

And no, he can’t call the beer “World’s Best Girlfriend.”

12. A Weekend Away


There are probably few better birthday surprises than a weekend getaway. It’s just you and him and lots of romance, kisses, hugs and relaxation.

Book the hotel, sort the travel out and think of a few things you can do together while you’re away. Maybe you could have a spa day or go for a scenic bike ride?

Either way, this is an amazing surprise that he’ll love. Remember to leave it until the very last minute before revealing what it is and where you’re going!

13. A New Tool Box

Okay, so to a girl, a new tool box is hardly the most exciting gift in the world.

But men like their toys, okay?

They love to “fix stuff.”

They love to “make stuff.”

Occassionally? They also love to “break stuff.”

Get him a new tool box so that he can work on his car, fix the plumbing and do whatever else it is that guys love to do on Sundays.

Don’t forget to include a bottle of beer in among the tools. Hey, a man’s gotta find a way to refresh after all that hard work.

Top tip: Don’t use the tools before you wrap this one up. It’s so easy to drop a hammer onto one’s toe!

14. A Winter Fleece

If it’s getting cold in your part of the world at the moment and winter is biting hard, a pleasant surprise for your boyfriend could be a brand new, super warm winter fleece.

Guys appreciate gifts like this one, primarily because they never buy them themselves.

Guys are too busy spending their money on video games, sports tickets, beer and scratch cards to care about actually keeping warm and looking decent.

So update his wardrobe with a new winter fleece so that he doesn’t catch a cold this winter.

Accessorise it with a new scarf and some gloves, too.

15. The Hot Chili Challenge Game

Guys have this thing where they have to challenge their buddies to a series of dares to see who is the most manly.

Most of the dares usually involve alcohol, but some of them include hot food.

In other words, who can eat the hottest chili.

Whoever loses or cries, isn’t a man.

Whoever can bear the most immense heat and 3rd degree burns to their mouth without wincing?

Basically He Man.

We don’t understand it either, but buy your other half this gift so that he has something different to do with “the lads” next time.

Perhaps you can join in, too!

Or not.

16. Basketball Hoop

Got room in your yard for a basketball hoop? Then why not instal one?!

“Um, because hearing a ball thudding against the garage all evening will be annoying!?”


If you don’t think it will be too annoying, installing a basketball hoop is a great idea if you’ve got a sports mad boyfriend who enjoys working out or dearly could do with a new way of de-stressing.

Honestly, shooting a few hoops after a long week at work is a great way to recharge his mental batteries and we reckon a basketball hoop could be one of the cheapest but best gifts you could get him.

17. A Treadmill

Got a boyfriend who’s trying to keep fit but who also doesn’t have much time to get to the gym?

Buy him a treadmill for his study/office!

A treadmill is a great idea. It’s a gift borne out of love – he wants to stay fit and you want him to stay fit.

Think of a treadmill as a gift of encouragement. A sort of, “you can do it and I want to support your fitness goals!” gift.

Accessorise it with a new pair of running shoes if you can afford them.

18. A Brand New 4K TV

Are you prepared to be crowned The Best Girlfriend Ever?

Are you?!

Then buy him a brand new 4K television!

He’s always wanted to watch sports, movies and Designated Survivor on a 4K TV, right? But your budget has never stretched far enough. Instead, he’s had to watch special effects through a HD or – even worse – an SD TV for years.

The struggle has been real.

Get him a 4K TV and tell him he can invite the lads round for sports nights now and then.

He’ll love you forever.

He might even propose.

During the commercial break, of course.

Oh my.

19. Personalised Beer Glass

Think guys don’t care about personalised glasses?


Guys love their own beer glass. Watch as they spend ages checking to see if a glass is theirs.

They have to look at it up close for its unique scratch or dint, and sometimes they’ll sniff it.

“Yup, this one is mine,” they’ll proclaim proudly, as though it was never in doubt.

Of course, the glass looks exactly the same as all his other glasses but – being a man from Mars – he needs to be able to claim one of these glasses as his own.

From now on, make life a whole lot easier for him by purchasing him a brand new, personalised beer glass for his birthday.

Then sit back and be amazed at the incredibly satisfied way he pours his first beer in it.

Then watch as he growls at any of his buddies who try to pour a drink into it for themselves.

“This one is MINE.”


20. A Cool New Wallet

Let’s face it, if your man is like any other guy, his wallet looks truly horrendous.

The stitching has come apart, and so has the thread.

In fact, you can’t believe all his money doesn’t fall out the moment he opens his wallet.

Each time he whips it out to buy something, you’re embarrassed.

Especially when it turns out he doesn’t have enough cash to actually pay for the meal.

“I figured when I saw the wallet,” says the waitress. Of course she did.

For his birthday this year, why not treat your boyfriend to a new wallet he can be proud of?

Go for a classy leather one, and personalise it if you can.

If he’s a fan of the movie Pulp Fiction, why not get him a BAMF wallet?

21. Awesome New Headphones

If your boyfriend LOVES his music but has rubbish headphones, treat him this year to a brand new pair of expensive and awesome headphones. We’re sure he deserves it!

After all, aren’t you tired of feeling sorry for him, knowing he has to listen to his favourite tunes through the worst headphones ever?

Save him from committing any more crimes against music or life itself by getting him some brand new, surround sound headphones for his birthday.

Accessorise with a subscription to Spotify if your budget extends far enough.

22. Super Hero Pyjamas

“Super hero pyjamas? Because my boyfriend is just a big kid at heart?”


Let’s face it, all men secretly like to think they’re a super hero. Indulge him with a pair of super hero pyjamas this year!

Why not buy yourself some super hero pyjamas, too?! Then you can be super heroes together!


23. Retro Video Games


He’s a dude, so of course he grew up playing video games. He’s been playing them all his life!

Video games will no doubt be a fond part of his childhood memories. So why not give him the chance to relive his childhood with this very special birthday gift?

Retro video games will take him on a trip down memory lane and he’ll absolutely LOVE IT.

Honestly, you’ll have never seen a grown man get so excited over the worst graphics and cheesy video game music ever.

Don’t forget to challenge him to a two-player game.

Let him win, of course – it’s his birthday after all!

24. A Season Ticket For His Fav Sports Team


This one will take a bit of craftiness and ingenuity.

After all, you’ll need to find out who he supports (yes, it’s totally okay to love a guy and still not know who he supports) and you’ll need to make sure he doesn’t already have a season ticket.

You could ask him yourself, but this will kinda give the game away. The best thing to do is to ask his friends.

And, yes, okay, season tickets are expensive but, hey, it’s his birthday and this will be an amazing surprise.

And okay, yes, a season ticket means he’ll be spending more time at the games but that just means you can see the girls more often.

And when his team wins, he’ll come home in such a good mood that he’ll probably take you out for dinner.

25. His Favourite Childhood Toy

We all had a favourite childhood toy, even guys.

And you know what? Guys are more attached to their favourite childhood toys than most of us realise.

See, deep down, guys are just big softies. If you buy him his favourite childhood toy that he lost a long time ago? He’ll love you forever.

Just make sure he stops playing with it when it’s time to sit down for the family meal.

Okay, yes, he can bring his toy to the dinner table if he really wants to.

Guys, eh?

26. Date Night

Instead of buying him a toy, a beer glass, season tickets or socks, why not give him an experience?

If you guys haven’t had any alone time together for ages, his birthday is perfect excuse for a date night.

He totally won’t be expecting it. Book a table at his favourite restaurant, and maybe book a hotel for the night, too. Make it extra special – you both deserve it.

27. A Box Set

There’ll be a TV show your man is obsessed with, be it Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Designated Survivor.

Maybe he loves The X Files (not judging).

Whatever he loves, treat him to a box set of his favourite series this year.

Accessorise it with some snacks, too.

28. An Inflatable Lounger

Can’t afford a La-Z Boy chair?

Still want to treat your man to a comfortable place for him to sit and chill?

Then why not get him an inflatable lounger?!

This is an amazing, affordable birthday gift for the guy in your life who just loves to lounge around.

And because it’s inflatable, he can take it camping with him – or even chill in the yard during those hot summer months.

Why not accessorise this brilliant air sofa with some bottles of beer?

Watching his sports will have never been so fun.

29. Indoor Skydiving Experience

Does your man fancy himself as a bit of a daredevil?

He has always wanted to jump out of a plane?

Give him an adrenaline rush like no other with an indoor skydiving experience!

It’s not quite the real thing – but it’s close.

Moreover, it’s more affordable, he has less distance to travel, and you’ll get greater peace of mind from knowing he isn’t actually throwing himself out of an airplane.

Careful, though – he’s probably going to enjoy it so much that you want a go, too!

30. A Brand New Camera

Woah, you really are the greatest girlfriend ever, aren’t you? Because only the best girlfriends treat their men to gifts like this.

A brand new camera is the ideal birthday surprise for any guy who loves to take photos.

Perhaps he fancies himself as a bit of an amateur photographer who’s always taking photos … but who always has to rely on his, let’s admit it, not-so-great smartphone.

Bring him into the 21st century by getting him a digital camera that takes 4K snaps and has lots of mega pixels.

It’s all about those mega pixels, right?

Make sure he doesn’t sneak a photo of you while you’re having dinner, though. That would be mean!

If you can afford it, why not buy him a top quality lens, too?

31. A Waterproof Speaker

If you guys have a pool and know exactly how to party, why don’t you get your man in the mood for summer with a brand new, Bluetooth waterproof speaker?

A waterproof speaker is an awesome gift that will allow your boyfriend the chance to host more parties. He’ll be able to get the party started in style and won’t have to worry about his speakers getting splashed by the pool.

This means there’ll be no more Mr Grumpy the next time someone dives into the pool and gets his speakers a bit wet.

32. Some Cool New Sunglasses

Does your boyfriend wish he looked cooler in the sunshine?

Do you wish your boyfriend looked cooler in the sunshine?!

Perhaps he just needs some cool new shades?

So treat him to some Ray Bans this year so that he can step out in style.

Compliment the look with a new shirt and trousers too so that your man is the chicest, hippest man out there this summer.

33. Cook Him Dinner

Buy him something too, but also cook him a special dinner – he’ll love it!

In fact, this is one of the best ways you can surprise him for his birthday this year and you should probably do this no matter what else you get him.

What’s his favourite meal? Take the day off work and spend it lovingly preparing a meal for him. Make him dessert too, and don’t forget the candles and wine!

Then, he’s free to do whatever else he wants in the evening – maybe cuddles with you and a movie?

Or perhaps he’s going to chill on his new lounger that you bought him?

34. Video Games

If your boyfriend is a game, we have to be honest – there’s probably only one gift you should get him, and that’s a brand new video game.

Video games are expensive and he probably doesn’t buy too many himself.

Moreover, he probably doesn’t expect you to buy him some, not even for his birthday.

After all, you probably spend most of your time trying to get him away from his video games so that he spends more time with you, right?

However, if you want to show him what an amazing and awesome girlfriend you are, buying him a video game or two for his birthday is exactly the way to do it.

35. Hiking Boots

If your boyfriend is the outdoors type, or if he keep saying he wants to finally go hiking, buy him some new hiking boots!

This is a great gift for any man who fancies himself as a bit of an adventurer, and let’s face it, even if your man already has a pair of hiking boots, he probably needs some new ones.

Accessorise this gift with some maps of trails that he could hike, some new thermal socks and some shorts, too?

36. A New Mountain Bike

Does your boyfriend cycle but has a rubbish bike?

Does he want to cycle more and get fitter but doesn’t have a bike at all?

Then buy him a brand spanking new mountain bike so that he can get out there and do more cardio.

A mountain bike is an awesome gift that will put all kinds of adventures in your boyfriends mind. He’ll be free to go out and explore and have fun while getting fit. He’ll love it!

37. A Sleeping Bag

If your man really is the outdoors type, he’ll need a sleeping bag to go along with his hiking boots.

A sleeping bag is an excellent surprise for the boyfriend who plans to go camping this year. It shows that you’ve been listening to him, it shows that you care about him and don’t want him to go cold at night, and it means he doesn’t have to splash his own cash on one.

And if you want to show that you’re prepared to go camping with him, why not buy him a sleeping bag designed for two?

Just watch out for spiders.

39. A Cordless Drill

What is it with men and their drills?

Before you buy them one, they don’t have anything to drill.

Then, as soon as you buy them one, they leap off the sofa and go and drill some stuff.

Like, are they for real?

Guys love their toys, and one of their favourite toys is a cordless drill. On those lazy Saturday and Sunday afternoons, they seem to love doing nothing more than they love drilling holes in the wall and disturbing the neighbours.

Remember to buy him a cordless drill so that, you and the kids and pets can’t trip over a wire before screaming that you told him to keep the wire out of sight!

40. Movie Posters

All guys have their favourite movies. Usually, these include the likes of Die Hard, Rocky, The Godfather, Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction.

As well as the movies themselves, what guys really love is movie memorabilia.

If you can’t get them Robert De Niro’s signed autograph (don’t worry, you’re still an awesome girlfriend), the next best thing to get your man is a movie poster.

Naturally, if you live with your man you’ll need to get him a movie poster that you can stomach, too.

Don’t go buying him a gore-drenched Night of the Living Dead poster if you don’t want it hanging at the end of your bed!

There are some very cool fan-made movie posters out there too, so shop around and find him something amazing that he’ll love to show off to his friends.

41. A Craft Beer Tour

Do men only care about drills, beer and sports?

Um. Probably.

And you, of course!

But look, it’s his birthday, which means you have to make it all about him.

And what better treat than a craft beer tour if your man considers himself to be something of a connoisseur where beer is concerned?

Send him and his refined palette to a brewery for the day. If you feel like showing him that you’re the best girlfriend ever, go along with him and let him lecture you about hops and fermentation.

Trust us, it will get less boring after you’ve had a few glasses!

42. A Hip Flask

Oh come on, what guy hasn’t grown up dreaming of owning his own hip flask?

If your man still doesn’t own one, it isn’t because he doesn’t want one – it’s just that he hasn’t got round to buying one himself.

Get him a super duper hipster hip flask, buy him a bottle of spirits to go with it, and watch him proudly fill it up.

True love.

43. A Waffle Maker

Does your boyfriend LOVE breakfast?

Does he also LOVE LOVE waffles?

If “yes” to both of those, buy him a waffle maker.

If “no” to both of those, still buy him a waffle maker.

A waffle maker is an amazing birthday surprise that will bring the two of you closer together over … waffles!

Don’t forget to buy him some syrup and coffee to go with it, too.

Mornings will never be the same at your place ever again.

And you’ll also never be on time for work ever again, too.


44. Laptop Bag

This is a functional gift but it’s one that SO many guys need but don’t have.

If your man travels often for work, you’re probably more worried about his laptop than he is.

But don’t worry – he’ll cry for days if something ever happened to his “baby.”

To give him – and yourself – peace of mind from now on, invest in a laptop bag for him.

45. Amazon Kindle

Your boyfriend still doesn’t have an Amazon Kindle?

We’re shaking our heads here.

We’re not sure if this is his fault or yours, but we’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

If your boyfriend reads a lot, or if he at least likes to read the newspapers and various other periodicals, an Amazon Kindle could change his life, especially if he travels a lot, too.

Buy him one and download a few choice favourites as an extra surprise.

46. Collection of Hot Sauces

What is it with dudes and their hot sauces? Do they actually like the taste? Or do they just like to show us how “manly” they are?

Either way, if your boyfriend loves his chili sauce, buy him a variety of hot sauces for him to enjoy with his meals from now on.

47. A Travel Bag

Does your boyfriend commute to work? Are you fed up of seeing him struggle with his old rucksack? Then buy him a brand new travel bag that will make life SO much easier for him!

These are 50 creative birthday surprises for your boyfriend. Got any you’d like to add? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

48. Smart Control

If your boyfriend is much more of a stay-at-home guy, a smart control could be the dream modern gadget his life has been missing all this time.

“How did we ever survive without it?” he’ll ask as he controls his phone, his stereo, his Xbox and his television from just one remote control.

It won’t be long before you wish you could turn him off with the remote as he keeps going “wow!” and “oh, man!”

49. A bottle of Whiskey or Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Come on, it isn’t really a birthday without whiskey, right?

Buy him a classy new bottle of Whiskey or a Whiskey stones gift set and invite a few close friends and family members round for a drink. Awesome.

50. Concert Tickets

Oh, hell yeah!

If possible, pick a concert you’ll both love.

If not, no sweat. Buy him a ticket to go and see a fav band of his that’s touring. But you should go too.

Stay happy!


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