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Monday, 18 May 2020

Tips for Sexier Sex, If Possible - Enhancing Orgasms Through Tantric Positioning


Tips for sexier sex huh, Is this at all possible? Oh Yes, It IS Possible! Enhancing the orgasms that you do have and increasing possibilities for more through Tantric Positioning might sound complicated but anyone can do it. It is just exploring the best positions for you and your partner to help improve your sex life.

To begin this article off right where going straight to the punch of the best Tip for having sexier sex. It is Courage, Bravery, Sexual Confidence along with the ability and willingness to act on it. If you have any hang ups or inhibitions about being naked with the light on or certain sexual positions the time to let that go is right now.

Letting go of any hangups you might have is the best way to get sexual satisfaction and the benefits that come along with it. Limits and restrictions are not good bedfellows for great sex and are often an indication there is some inner psychological hurdle.

Anything that prevents us from giving and receiving sexual pleasure between two consenting adults is keeping you from maximizing your potential for new and innovative orgasms. It is often said the road to true sexual freedom and a healthy happy sexual self-esteem is to 'responsibly' let yourself go and explore the boundaries(an important note: This is almost always achieved through faithful monogamy).

There is absolutely nothing wrong or 'dirty' about any sexual position between two Consenting loving adults. It is a natural expression of love and feeling the release of your instincts and desires. We all want to be more confident sexually and the way to make that happen is through not allowing anything to stand in the way of our sexual ambition.

Enough about that now right? We are all liberated and ready for fearlessly exploring our real sexual well-being, intimacy on the highest levels possible. We are ready to explore the absolute best Tips for Sexier Sex by Enhancing Our Orgasms to be the best they can be and always improving.

Of course you realize this means overcoming any fears of, or worries about, trying some new things. Embarking on the journey of new sensations and opening yourself up to new ideas about sex. It involves a lot of trust. It is beyond worth it in the end and is why so many couples are successful in their relationships.

Finding a true connection and love begins and end with great sex. A healthy happy satisfying sex life is the one crucial vital element in a passionate and loving relationship. There is more to a couple than sex but that is the one thing they have that solidifies their "togetherness." It is what makes them 'In' Love and that's how you get to have great orgasms.

Orgasm Enhancing Positions

Coital Alignment Technique - (C.A.T.)

For me this brings the missionary position back to life. It is always good no matter what but when you approach a position with the feminine aspect in mind its improved by a thousand fold. If she is more apt to be pleased by this old-time favorite position then so much the better and that is what C.A.T. is all about.

Coital Alignment Technique requires the base of the penis and pelvic bone to stimulate the clitoris while thrusting with a patient rhythm. Constant clitoral stimulation is the calling card of C.A.T. Subtle but crafty full body movements with You Guessed it Constant Clitoral Stimulation is the best way to describe and achieve C.A.T..

The number of positions available are endless and this is in no way any attempt to list them. The few named here are just the beginning and more geared towards orgasm friendly with relative ease. Though they still require practice.

Please Stand Up, Put your hands and Face up against the Wall. Any position that allows easy access for manual clitoral stimulation while copulating is going to be a prime candidate for being an Orgasm Enhancing Position. This one is perfect and underutilized by many couples.

The woman standing puts her palms against a wall and then leans forward while tensing (or arching the waist) and sticks out her bottom. This allows the man to come in from behind and can easily kiss while with his hand massages a swirling motion rub to her clitoris. Such graphic details!

Tantric Lovemaking - Tantra is very hard to describe in short order. Entire volumes have been written covering only certain aspects of the vast topic of Tantra Sex. Tantra is a subject beyond that of sex but a religious, spiritual practice and Hindu Philosophy.

Is learning how to harness your particular sexual energy and transfer share and deliver it over to another as a power. This is a spiritual power of sexual depth and complete control through letting go. Liberation often ending in true sexual satisfaction and deep connection between the two love-makers.

Ending the tips to sexier sex and enhancing orgasms through Tantric Positioning with a small list from the eternal amount of Tantric style lovemaking is efficient enough for me. This article is already longer than originally intended. Hope it was a much fun to read as it was to write. Enjoy with courage, explore with understanding, and live with love and you will no doubt have a healthy sexier sex life.

Soul-gazing- staring into each others' eyes.

Passionate Caresses- Obviously erotic message is always a great preemptive technique to begin with.

Yab-Yum- Classic tantra position of sitting Indian Style with woman on top her legs around him. You are facing each other.

Laying of Hands- During sex whenever you are close to climax, lay your hands over your lovers' heart to signal it to them and stare at each other during the climax.

Pranayama or Regularisation of Breath- Breathing in unison together and also creating a kind of yin-yang rhythm together. It will come natural and all of a sudden become a bigger part of your sex by offering more control. Ultimately bringing on shared or simultaneous orgasms.

Orgastic Circulation of Light- Creative visualization is an advance technique that can drastically increase the intensity of your togetherness. Both of you will creatively visualize the same thing. Usually a sphere, a ball of glowing light between you while making love. It can rise and descend between you changing color at different intervals.


Source by Jamie Alan

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