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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Dualities of Love


Duality is caused by the frequency & wavelength of energy vibrations being divided by gender & polarity.

The energy of love is a vibration whose wavelength can be divided by male & female gender, with a frequency that can be divided by positive & negative polarity.

Love & Need is a duality of the female gender that values comfort & relaxation.

Love & Sex is a duality of the male gender that values stimulation & arousal.

When Love is divided by gender it is known as Eros.

Love & Lust is a duality with a positive polarity that values excitement & achievement.

Love & Hate is a duality with a negative polarity that suffers annoyance & irritation.

When love is divided by polarity it is known as Philos.

In a co-dependent relationship it is not uncommon to experience from time to time all four of the above dualities of Love.

A partnership may share the experience of comfort, relaxation, excitement, arousal, stimulation, achievement, annoyance or irritation.

A pure Love that is without duality is called Agape.

Agape is a pure vibration of Love that is connected, neutral, balanced, unified & harmonious.

Pure Sex is an oxymoron.

There is no such thing as pure sex.

Sex is the male energy of a loving partnership.

Whenever Love is divided by gender it is no longer pure.

Love is pure Agape when both the male & female energy is present.

Sex is not about achieving a physical act although there may be an emotional need to achieve satisfaction.

When a person needs sex, they need the benefit of the emotional energy that is received from having sex, not the physical act.

Whether two sexual partners are in connection & unity depends on whether they are expressing their male energy, expressing their female energy or they are combining the two harmoniously.

Sex is satisfactory when it meets the emotional needs of both partners and it is unsatisfactory when it does not.

A relationship that is sharing only one gender of energy, be it male or female, may make a good friendship but it is not sexual and it is not harmoniously in balance.

Lust & Sex are often confused.

Sex is the male gender of my energy that seeks stimulation, arousal, connection & climactic conclusion.

Lust is the positive polarity of my energy that desires excitement, achievement & satisfaction.

Excitedly achieving satisfaction in a sexual relationship is indeed lust but is not good sex.

Lust can disallow the enjoyment of sex when there is no stimulation, arousal or connection with the partner.

Lust is not a masculine characteristic.

It is not unusual for a woman to lust after a cherishing, warm & relaxing cuddle or embrace.

Lust is a positive desire of wanting with a passion, which is a male energy that is experienced by both men & women.

It is experienced by men & women in different ways because usually they want & need different things.

Male desire & female passion both lust after the excitement & satisfaction of getting whatever they want and passionately desire.

Sex is a physically emotional experience that requires positive male & female energy to be exchanged by both partners, irrespective of their sex.

It is the gender of both partners energy vibration that is important, not the nature of their sex or the sexuality of their nature.

Lust is the need to have whatever I desire.

Love is the value of getting what I need & desire.

Lust is the selfish care that I have for my Self.

Love is the unselfish care that I have for another.

I care for myself when I am getting what I need emotionally.

I care for others by meeting their need for my emotional energy.

I love it and I value someone who cares for me and meets my emotional needs.

I hate it when my needs are unmet and I am driven to lust after whatever I desire with a passion.

I lust after life when it has no apparent value and my needs are unmet.

I love life when all my emotional needs are met.

I love my lust for life when I am doing what I truly value.

Caring for my Self may be seen as a selfish lust or truly selfish unconditional love for my Self.

Caring for others may be seen as an unselfish need or a truly selfish unconditional love for others.

True Love is an unconditional adjective state of being.

It is neither the subjective love that is lust nor the objective love that is the need to care for another's needs emotionally.

Love & Need are often confused.

Both have value.

I value whatever I love.

I also value whatever I need.

When I do not value what I do not have, I do not need it.

Valuing what I need is not a true value.

There is no true value in what I do not have.

There is only a perceived value caused by a perceived need that is without a true value of love.

I can only truly love what I already have.

I cannot truly love what I am missing.

What I truly love has true value

It has true value when I love & appreciate its value.

When I appreciate the value of what I already have, it is already appreciating, which I love.

True value is measured in the gratitude & appreciation of my love.

Need is a measure of how much I want something that I do not have.

I hate being needy.

Love & Hate are polar opposites.

Hatred is extreme or intense dislike.

I love (need) someone who gives me emotional power (positive energy).

I fear someone or something that disallows my mental authority.

I like (I am like) someone who shares and endorses my authority (my positive choices).

I hate someone who does not allow me to have whatever I need emotionally.

I love (need) someone or something that unconditionally meets my emotional needs.

People, who I like, who are like me, become my friend because I share the same interests or I am interested in similar (like) things.

People, who I love, are people who I unconditionally need, because they make me feel whole.

A friend is someone who meets my emotional needs. I either like them or love them depending on whether they meet my need for power or authority.

I like people who endorse my authority.

I love people who give me their emotional energy.

I Like or Love people who I need until I learn to connect consciously to my own Source of emotional power & mental authority that is my inner guidance & support (my Inner Coach).

Once connected to my own power and authority, I can choose to share the power of my love with others of a like authority, who make congruent choices and create concordant realities.

Love & Fear are not emotions.

They are opposing polarities.

They are choices of direction in a dual reality world.

I can follow the path of fear or I can follow the path of love.

Love is the direction that I love to follow because it is an emotionally positive experience.

Fear is the direction that I hate to follow because it provokes negative emotions.

Negative emotions are not fears, even though negative intensities of emotion or intense negativity is very fearful.

Fears are the false evidence of my limiting beliefs appearing in my life as a reality.

Love is the positive feeling of pure emotion that is authorised by my belief system and empowers my chosen path.

I always have a choice of clarity or direction between love or fear, I can love or like, love or hate, or love or need, I can choose love or lust, or love or sex.

Alternatively I can choose the absolute reality of my own authority to connect to the power of divine, whole & undivided Love.


Source by Keith Collins

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