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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Clitoris Orgasms - How to Seduce and Satisfy a Woman For Hours With Sex Games (4 Hot Tips!)


Women love SEX that is hot and SATISFYING. Why would a woman want a lifetime of quickies, mild orgasms, and not being satisfied? It doesn't make sense! Once men realize that women actually want sex more than they do, and learn how to satisfy women so that the lady is BEGGING for more - that man has the world as his oyster!

There are four tips that will make a TREMENDOUS difference in how a man satisfies a woman. These tips are taken from a survey of 12,000 women. Try it tonight with your lady and you will see the difference.

1st Tip. Emotionally connect with your lady.

Women are different than men in terms of sexuality. Men can be ready for sex and love making with a stiff wind. Women can take up to 72 hours to mentally decide to do it.

If your lady knows that you truly care for her then she is more willing to OPEN herself to you in many ways. And that includes opening herself and trusting you sexually.

If you need to mend fences before you make the sexual advance then you should do that FIRST. Invest your time in the relationship and you'll be paid back in the long run.

2nd Tip. Take the time to get her ready for making love.

If it takes up to 72 hours for the woman to be can you get her ready? Once she trusts and adores you then you need to gently get her affections going in your direction. Affection is different than sex. If your woman trusts and adores you then everything you do will be affection. Even if it is a 5-hour love making feast!

Send her notes, texts, share fantasies, gifts, and flowers. Explore her fantasies and decide upon a nice sex game to get her totally wild. Once you get to her head her body will soon follow.

3rd Tip. Tease her until she cannot stand it.

Once you've accomplished tips 1 and 2, then you are ready to tease her. Send her tons of texts, messages, and emails describing what you're going to do with her when you get together.

You might plan a scenario to fulfill one of her fantasies or plan a naughty sex game. Let her pick which one to employ. If she makes up the game she will love it even more!

Then once you meet, take some time and describe exactly what you're going to do to her. She might have a no-touch orgasm if you get her in the mood and you describe it well.

Tease her by kissing the sides of her mouth, ears, and neck. Have a hot make out session.

Then tease her breasts by cupping them and teasing her nipples. Suck them with increasing power and she might have a breast orgasm.

4th Tip. Please her until she is totally satisfied.

Only now do you start lightly touching her clitoris. Tease it until she has at least three consecutive orgasms. Then slide your finger inside on her g-spot and slowly drive her wild.

Once she has that climax, then employ your thumb on her clit and your fingers on her g-spot until you get a great combo climax!

Now, you can use whatever combinations she wants, with plenty of naughty talking, and use all the sex games you know to slowly drive her up the wall!


Source by Rachel LaDue

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