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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Sex and Relationships - The Fun Way to Have a Love Life


Sex and relationships go hand in hand.

Having a sexless love life probably means you are not having a good relationship or you are both on a vow of chastity (which is pretty lame as an excuse).

But, have you asked yourself why sex sometimes determines if your partner stays with you longer? An unforgettable romp in bed results in more night trysts. It is not how well you enjoyed yourself but on how you managed to please your partner and enjoyed it yourself in the process.

You don't have to be the regular sexual virtuoso to do this and be called a marvelous sex machine wonder by the ladies. What you need to know is her desires and have intimacy itself.

Of course, being sex worthy will not be determined by you but by your partner. Her squeals of delight and pleasure on a very exciting night will give you a hint on how she thinks about you - sexually that is.

Explore her body. Find the areas where she finds touch more stimulating. Know and remember her reactions to a specific touch. Chances are she may want to do and feel that marvelous skin to skin contact again. Do not be shy and embarrassed in bed. It is a time and moment where being shy has no place. Being reserve is not a wise move. Try to be more creative. There are women who know a thing or two about sexual positions, but, leading her towards what she has not experienced yet can bring her to heights she has never imagined. Be careful though as experimentation sometimes lead to disaster. That is why; "getting the feel" on what your partner wants it is the key to being sex worthy in the eyes of your Lady Love.


Source by Dheo Tabor

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