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Friday, 3 April 2020

Men and Sex - 6 Reasons Why Men Love Sex So Much


I realize you would already know that men love sex. But you may not know why men are so hung up on sex. Let me quickly reveal why sex is so important to men: Women love sex too but we will not talking about that in this article.

1. The first one is, of course it's enjoyable!!!

2. The second thing is that, sex is one of those few things or few areas in life, where men get closest to another human being. Women like you could sit down, chat, laugh, comb each other's hair and play, You could sit on each others laps, kiss, cuddle and be affectionate, without any disapproval. Women have ding-dong relationships. . Women have girl night out, they sit down they talk, they have fun. . Whereas men don't do that. Here in the west, it's almost taboo. Men don't talk as much. Men don't interact as much and when two men get together there is always competitiveness. They stand each other off, whereas for women as they come close to a woman they relate better. So sex provides the close encounter men so innately want with another human being. And at the same time they use sex to communicate.

3. Sex not only is enjoyable to the man but also it is a time when a man communicates his deepest feeling that he is afraid to verbalize or don't have the skill to verbalize. A lot of women confess that men open up a lot more during or after having sex. Many female spies use sex to extract top secrets from important men.

4. Men love sex because it is an ego trip for him. He simply likes to score. The more women he scores on the bigger and better he feels. It blows up his ego. Even in the animal kingdom you will find that the monkeys or any animal that is at the top of the rank have sex with the most women. It is a status symbol.

5. Sex allows men to release the buildup of sperms. When his seminal vesicles are filled with sperms, men get a biological urge to have sex and get release. This is when some men could have sex with almost any female and not feel emotionally attached to them. Many women cannot comprehend this aspect of a man's sexuality.

6. And lastly but surely not least, men love sex because it is through that means or method that they reproduce themselves. Men love sex.


Source by Hilton Samuel

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